Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


Louden Swain: “Hey, Carla?” Carla: “Yeah?” Louden: “I’d do it all again.” Carla: “So would I.” –Vision Quest (1985)


One night, just as May Ying and I were getting ready to leave, Foua decided to explain soul loss to me. “Your soul is like your shadow,” she said. “Sometimes it just wanders off like a butterfly and that is when you are sad and that’s when you get sick, and if it comes back […]

January 2018

31 January – Soft snow. – Letting go. – Grabbing the bar. – Throwing the ball. – Not grasping at what isn’t there. – Au Revoir, January! 30 January – Frank conversation. – People who are honest with you. – What happens when you are honest with people. 29 Monday Making all the stoplights! 28 […]