Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go

He Shoots … He Hits the Post

Saint Dinette is one of those places where the food is pretty yet people still show up in T-shirts. I had a hash brown plate with salmon that came in the shape of a puck and was only slightly less firm. I left with room in my belly. Although my water glass was filled every […]

Sidewalk Talk

His name was Cliff. He had leaf bits on his chest. He said this wasn’t his house. He lived some doors down. He had stood and greeted us as we approached. “You are doing yard-work for your neighbor?” I asked. He smiled through an incoherent answer. Cliff smiled easily. I’m not sure why he was […]


Ideas have heat. They are like chili: they are mild, medium, or ohmygawd hot. Ideas, following with this metaphor, cool. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Sometimes the hot ones are too hot. Ta-ssss! In my case, I have too often allowed perfectly cooked ideas to get so cold they spoil. That happens. Ideas spoil. They […]

The Search Continues

Momentum is crucial. We are what we repeatedly do. I feel shame that I have been on this earth so long and still I am on a search for Self. And I am grateful for the same reason. We don’t know others’ hearts. Even if you live with someone for decades. But you suspect that […]

Still Working It Out

We were walking about the art gallery when a woman friend familiar with some of my unvarnished writings remarked: “it sounds like you are working some things out.” “Always,” I replied. There is a tension between the desire to work things out in public, in published form, and the desire to do so in private, […]