Untethered Dog

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Shoulder to Shoulder

Like most people, I made a birthday wish. Unlike most people, my birthday wish involved the voluntary exhaustion of my deltoids. I cross paths nearly daily with Calvin, Ed, and Nayo, three bodybuilders who train together at our gym during the early morning hours. The three of them are like synchronized swimmers, constantly moving between […]

Beginner’s Mind

Yesterday I was thinking about resistance training and the beginner’s mind. Later, in bed, I read my horoscope and that phrase, beginner’s mind, was in the first line. I like to look at things as if for the first time. There is simplicity in stripping away conceptions about how things are, where we are, and […]

Finding It

You know. You know what you must do. You know what you must give up. What (or who) holds you back. You don’t always know the how. Or the when. And why bother with the why. Be gentle. But listen. Listen to the voice that tells you. To pick up the pen and write that […]