‘A Moral Obligation to Say What You Think’

by Tom Swift

I am working on a post about grief. It’s about grief I am experiencing in my relationship with my country. This grief did not begin with COVID-19 but its presence has become more identifiable to me in light of our nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a challenging post for me to write. I hope I can form a coherent utterance. This is in doubt. After I hit a wall for the day, I sat down with a round-steak sandwich and happened across this interview, which is not about grief but which speaks to the reasons for it — the fundamental changes that have come about wholly unrelated to quarantines or social distancing or any other aspect of life during a shelter-in-place order. So taken with Jon Meacham’s thoughtful historical perspective, I was already re-watching bits of this interview before I finished my sandwich.