Eye on the Target

by Tom Swift

Are you distracted in any way by what happens to you from outside? Then give yourself some free time to learn something new and worthwhile, and stop wandering about aimlessly. But after that, you must also guard against going astray in a second way; for equally foolish are those who have become weary of life as a result of their activities and have no aim to which they can direct every impulse and, indeed, every impression. -Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 2.7

Purpose. It’s all about purpose. What distracts you from your purpose? How can you lesson or eliminate such distractions? How quickly can you bounce back from those distractions of which you have indulged? How much of your time is a testament to your purpose? If someone — let’s say you — were to hover over your home and peer through your roof so as to observe your actions, what would be noticed? Would it be a man frittering about? Or a a man engaged in what he’s here to do?