by Tom Swift

He reads everything. ‘I think it’s cool to read that Draymond Green is transcending the NBA,’ [Draymond Green] says. ‘I also think it’s cool to read that Draymond Green is terrible.’ He sleeps with ESPN on his TV, volume raised, lest he miss a disparaging sound bite. A dig from Doc Rivers? A bold prediction from Jason Terry? A jab from a ’96 Bull? If anyone tries to change the channel he pops up like a jack-in-the-box. ‘There are still doubters,’ he says. ‘I’ll find them somewhere.’

*  *  *

‘Draymond is comfortable in conflict,’ [Golden State general manager Bob] Myers says. ‘He does not want to live in a copacetic world.’ Of course, strife is hard to find in the course of a 73-win season, compelling Green to manufacture a little. ‘Everything can’t be sweet,’ he explains. ‘Everything can’t be peaches and cream. There are times I feel like I just have to start yelling at people. I don’t even know about what. It’s doesn’t even matter. They get mad at me for a couple of days, but I think it gives them back that life.’

*  *  *

‘We’re not a crazy group, and you need a little crazy, [coach Steve] Kerr says. ‘… I have a potty mouth, so when Draymond and I go back and forth, there’s some ‘Hey, f— you. No, f— you.’ The other guys are like, ‘Oh, s—.’ But that conflict — between Draymond and me, Draymond and the opponent, Draymond and the ref, Draymond and the world — gives us our edge.’

-Lee Jenkins, “The Giant Killer,” Sports Illustrated, 5-23-16