April 2018

by Tom Swift

30 Monday
– Just saying it.
– Not thinking about it.
– Moving on.
– The little dance you do before picking up a heavy set of front squats.
– Running through your patterns of angst and shame and fear and anger more quickly than you used to.
– Lying on the grass, one moment, after work, your little buddy by your side.

29 Sunday
– Laughing the laugh of shared history.
– Soft skin.
– Tired eyes.
– Smooth lips.
– Yoga.

28 Saturday
– A new restaurant.
– A new friend.
– A great night for a walk.
– A pretty good art crawl.

27 Friday
– Writing so late into the night. What a release when you are finally done!
– Having done so much work that even though you are dead tired and way past your bedtime you still need to unwind for like an hour until, like that, the adrenaline stops, and you are out.

26 Thursday
Watching hockey while wearing shorts.

24 Tuesday
The Toronto Maple Leafs.

23 Monday
– Vocal chords.
– Big toes.
– Little fingers.
– Used notebooks.
– Caring the right amount.

22 Sunday
– Realizing inside you is a pretty decent person.
– Showing that to someone.

21 Saturday
– Long late morning drives on early spring days.
– Doing good work with a kind soul.
– Clarity of mind, if not of spirit.

20 Friday
– The gift of a new mentor.
– Moments over the lunch hour when you are the only one working.

19 Thursday
– 50 degrees.
– Clean glasses.
– Very large birds.
– Bird chirps.
– The sound of the coffeemaker, just finished its job.

18 Wednesday
– Knowing when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em, when to walk away, when to run.
– What happens when you observe others rather see only inside yourself.
– Bright smiles.
– The truth the face tells.
– The limitless possibilities of self-discovery.

17 Tuesday
– The power of sports to connect you with a colleague over lunch.
– Being outside for twenty-five minutes in the afternoon: sun bright, snow soft, it’s early, take your time, we have not done this in so long.

16 Monday
– Lifting heavy weight over and over again with your fresh legs in the earliest hour of the morning.
– Lying prostrate on the couch with your dog nestled against your tired legs at the end of the evening.
– Jordan Peterson.

15 Sunday
– The NHL playoffs! Live!
– New photographs.
– Old looking things.
– Age gaps.
– Shared memories.
– Pizza slices.
– Al Secord.

14 Saturday
– The wind.
– The to-do list.
– Tidy drawers.
– Accepting that you’re just one of those people: you’ve got 12 things going at once.
– Finishing one of those 12 things.
– Zig Ziglar.

13 Friday
– Shut-in storms.
– Soulful laughter.
– Smiles from a new, friendly face.
– Those moments when you stop and take care of yourself as only you can.
– Elliotte Friedman.

12 Thursday
The expectation that at the end of a long day you will have a high-stakes hockey game to watch.

11 Wednesday
The NHL playoffs!

10 Tuesday
Fresh challenges.

9 Monday
Sharing a laugh with a familiar face — a person who has great one.

8 Sunday
– A good night of sleep.
– Goofing around at the dollar store with friends.
– The gift of honesty. Inside if not elsewhere.
– The warmth of your little buddy.
– Easy naps.
– Self-acceptance.

7 Saturday
– Vitamin D.
– Zinc.
– Magnesium.
– Easy naps.
– Slow showers.
– Sunny afternoons.
– No bills left to pay.
– The trips you have not yet taken.
– Self-awareness: the joys and the sorrows!

6 Friday
– Sleeping past five just ‘cuz.
– The clarity that comes with a food fast.
– Getting into something new.
– Making mistakes and just keepin’ on anyway.
– Making it home before five on a Friday.
– Making a new chicken dish.

5 Thursday
– Meditation time first thing in the morning.
– Finishing a job.
– Ending well.
– Celebratory steaks.
– Momentum.
– Learning something new.
– Being lost in thought.
– Being told that you will be missed.
– Meditation time at the end of the night.

4 Wednesday
– Always having enough sanitary water to drink.
– Packing your own lunch.
– Pizza night.

3 Tuesday
Looking for — and finding — the small connections.

2 Monday
– The gift of self-expression. Even when it makes you feel vulnerable.
– Making a new friend at the gym.
– Watching hockey when the rest of the sports world is watching basketball.
– Boundaries.
– Compound interest, whether for money or for emotional gains.

1 Sunday
– Noticing your dog is licking a wound on his leg you take him in your arms. “Buddy,” you say, “we can’t lick our wounds or else they won’t go away.” That’s when you realize you had been at the same moment licking one of your own. Ha!
– Seeing your newborn niece smile at you from your lap.
– Hearing your 4-year-old nephew make a funny.
– Trader Joe’s.