April 2019

by Tom Swift

30 Tuesday
Cold showers.

29 Monday
Cold baths.

28 Sunday
– Walks along the Mississippi River.
– Light-jacket weather.
– Good coffee, better conversation.
– Getting your workout in after a couple crabby days off (you had to take).

27 Saturday
– Extra time to stretch.
– Extra time to write.
– Extra sips of coffee.
– Full bags of yard waste.
– A full fridge.

24 Wednesday
– Surprising someone.
– New life in the form of budding plants.
– Sudden death in the form of overtime hockey.

23 Tuesday
– Rabbits.
– What you can do to get a quick workout in with just a couple of rubber bands.

22 Monday
– Lactose-free yogurt.
– Hard things.
– Grass.
– My fence.
– Kale.
– Himalayan pink salt.
– Ginger paste.
– My home.
– The Earth.

21 Sunday
– Good grocery store customer service.
– Egg and bean burritos.
– The mist at Minnehaha Falls.
– Mark T. Bedard.
– Trees.
– People who remind you to come back to this moment and not resist anything.

20 Saturday
– Fatigue.
– Free tables.
– Freedom.
– Fish.
– Kind strangers.
– Naps that feel like they were all day when really they were like an hour.
– Trying a new restaurant.
– Being invited to a party.
– Unexpectedly being able to check things off that had been on your list for a long time.

19 Friday
Sharing an accomplishment with your colleagues.
– Buying a card for someone who won’t expect it.
– Bringing just enough food to get you through the work day so you don’t have to spend money at the cafeteria.
– Egg and avocado sandwiches.

18 Thursday
– Overdue haircuts.
– Special ordered doughnuts.
– Swiping clean that nearly impossible-to-reach corner on the far, low side of your claw foot tub. So satisfying to see the dirt on your rag rather than on the floor.
– Learning about running.
– Making all your squats.
– Lifting a little extra.
– Leisurely coffee on a weekday.
– Putting the recycling out a whole eighteen hours early.

17 Wednesday
– Mornings at the gym you set aside as play time — time to work on form, stretch a bit, and hit a few reps in some challenge areas, priming the pump, starting the momentum for tomorrow’s time to push.
– Knowing that is all you have to push tomorrow. Thank goodness for PTO!

16 Tuesday
– Late walks.
– The bunnies that greet us as we stroll through the neighborhood at night.
– Long mornings.
– A long-anticipated appointment.
– A week that breaks the routine.
– A happy dog.
– Seeing the neighbor outside without a shirt on after sunset. Editor’s note: a detail shared entirely as a way to affirm the warmth of the night.

15 Monday
The taxes that pay for our roads and bridges and schools and laws and courtrooms and even the street lights that guide us home in the middle of the night.

14 Sunday
– The Weisman Art Museum.
– Sun that warms a large room.
– The Minneapolis skyline.
– Good conversation.
– Tiger Woods.

13 Saturday
– Working all alone.
– Rhythm and blues.
– Cheap pizza and chocolate chip ice cream and a cheeseburger because what would cheat day be with them?

12 Friday
The chance to teach.

11 Thursday
Minnehaha Falls. Even when it is cold outside.

10 Wednesday
– Feeling confident when you ask questions about things you don’t know.
– The NHL playoffs.

9 Tuesday
Phone conversations in which the only goal is to talk. You know, like people used to do.

6 Saturday
– The sound of rain on the roof.
– Mid-morning naps. Sometimes you need a little extra sleep to recover from the week that was. Get it and you are good to go.
– Connection.
– Disconnection.
– Long talks at the coffee shop.
– Albert Camus.

5 Friday
– Feeling comfortable at work.
– Asking for advice. Getting it. Learning because of it.
– Gym mornings in which you can just play around and practice. You don’t have to hate it — it doesn’t have to be hard — in order to make gains.
– Getting your reps in in other ways, too: another day of doing what you do. The experience, the knowledge, it’s accumulating, even if you don’t see it in the every day.

4 Thursday
– Chicken salad wraps.
– Seeing bunnies scurry across the alley in the morning.

3 Wednesday
– Finding a kind and capable dentist.
– Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
– Tony Kornheiser.

2 Tuesday
– The sweet, stocky dog who sits, at attention, as you and your little buddy walk on by. May he be untethered soon.
– The single leaf that floats in front of your door, riding a wave of wind.
– The man that goes by Moon Dog.
– Sunlight in your dog’s eyes.

1 Monday
– Reminders that prompt you to buckle down and focus anew on something important to you.
– Difficult days.
– What anxiety says.
– The houses on 44th Avenue.