August 2018

by Tom Swift

31 Friday
– New spaces.
– Clean slates.
– Friendly faces.
– Familiar words.
– Letting go.
– Saying so.
– Coming home.

30 Thursday
– Deadlifts: they make you feel like a million bucks.
– Colleagues who bring treats into work just for you.
– Chocolate-chip ice cream.

28 Tuesday
Yoga release.

27 Monday
– Pumping iron while listening to the 1812 Overture.
– Finding your way back to that project that is calling you.
– Getting outside once more before the storm comes.
– Good news: you passed the test.
– Checking off all the errands on your list.
– The singularity of purpose your little buddy has when a fly has the audacity to zip around the room.

26 Sunday
– The dog who still chases squirrels even after all these years.
– The man who approaches during your morning walk and says matter-of-factly: we’re supposed to get some storms this afternoon.
– Milk shakes in the morning.
– Getting lost. So you can find yourself again.
– Exploring possibilities in new places.
– Encounters with the dark side.
– Meeting a kind elderly woman who does not rush off when you ask your questions.

25 Saturday
Earning another certification. These things, you start to find, give you something beyond the practical. You spend your time on the minor matters, as sometimes you must, as sometimes you wish, and it’s also good to have big, bad, beautiful goals. Why, after all, call it a goal at all if reaching it wouldn’t change something significant in you or for you? But between the tasks of daily living and the wildest dreams there are still other higher and lesser order pursuits. When moved to gain a certifiable skill, especially one recognized as useful to you and can be applied by you for the sake of others, once earned, such skills occupy a place in the pillar of your psyche. They are like bricks cemented into the edifice. You are a little sturdier. A little harder to knock down.

24 Friday
– Being mistaken for an extrovert!
– What you learn about yourself from interactions with new people.
– Being a student of You U.

23 Thursday
The end of the tunnel.

22 Wednesday
– Not asking for permission.
– A chance to audition for a new part in the play.

20 Monday
– Rough drafts.
– Engagement with a problem. It’s way better than not having a problem at all.
– Looking good. Just because.
– Cereal.

19 Sunday
Writing day. It fuels the fire.

18 Saturday
– Gentle movement to start the day.
– Morning coffee with a kind, cool person who gets it.
– Realizing when it’s time to pay the bills you only have one on the stack.
– People who barbecue in the park.
– Time spent clarifying your goals.
– Being OK with not having goals in certain, common areas of life.
– Coconut, ginger chicken.

17 Friday

– Perfect evening when you can sit on a park bench and just let the breeze blow.
– Dreams that paint a tapestry.
– Stirrings of a waking dream.
– Ravenous hunger.
– Noodles.

16 Thursday
– Perfect evenings when you can sit on patio and eat your dinner.
– Banded reps at the gym. Morning and evening. Perfect for active recovery days.
– Having fun. Outside. While at work.
– The people who tend yummy, good-for-you smoothie bars.

14 Tuesday
– When you are the only one who shows for the early a.m. class.
– One-on-one yoga.
– An invitation.
– An engagement with a problem.
– Dogs.

13 Monday
– Addressing a situation head-on.
– Keeping your cool.
– Reading the winds of change. Even if you don’t know where they are taking you.
– The chance to learn nearly every free moment.
– Making better use of those chances.
– Warmth.

12 Sunday
– Friends who drag you out when you planned to stay in on a Saturday night.
– Having nearly the entire gym to yourself on a Sunday afternoon.
– Squat day. Getting all your reps. Heavy ones, too.
– Signs of progress: you are getting stronger. You are feeling stronger.
– Showing up at the last hours of a fair.
– Goats.

11 Saturday
– Steve Martin.
– Martin Short.
– Glorious summer nights.
– The gift of laughter.
– Having your expectations exceeded.
– A new way to listen to music.
– The voice inside.
– The wisdom of the body.
– Trashing reminders of things that make you sad.
– Cleaning up your place.
– The first scoop of dirty hash browns.

10 Friday
– The way the psyche doesn’t let you escape from that which you must face. Not even when you are sleeping.
– A healed shoulder. My gosh when was the last time it hurt?
– Working alone. In the dark. For hours. Before anyone else arrives.
– Thick peanut butter-chocolate power smoothies.

9 Thursday
– A tired, sun-soaked dog at the end of the day.
– Finding a new way to train on off-days. That sounds like an oxymoron. It’s not.
– Steak. Second time this week. Just because.
– Branflakes. Good going down. And out!

8 Wednesday
People who help lost dogs.

7 Tuesday
– Dreams you can sink your teeth into.
– Someone who can help with that.
– Having fun at work.
– Being outside in the middle of a perfectly comfortable afternoon.
– Peanut butter cookies dipped in chocolate.

6 Monday
This moment. This August night. The fan blows in the corner of the room. Fall is coming but it is not here yet. We’ve got some time, boy. The signs are there for us. We see them. We do not deny them. We do not fight them. But we do not allow them more power than they should have, yet. We’ve got this moment. And this. I want to hold onto it. Hold it and not let go. But I know the moment I grasp is the moment it will slip away. Quicksilver night, boy. We know those. A drying towel, slung over the closet door, flaps from the wind of the fan. The paper I use to write these words waves, too. The hum of the fan. I’m sorry for every instance I didn’t allow myself to enjoy time spent with you. And so grateful for the those moments I carry with me everywhere I go. The fan blows. Blows. Blows. Good night. Good night.

5 Sunday
– Lifting as long as you want. Extra pull-ups anyone?
– Food co-ops. Especially ones with fantastic hot bars.
– Chocolate milk on Sunday afternoons.
– The moment you have a solid draft of a written work you absolutely need to finish. Nothing like that feeling.
– Eight minutes of mobility. It really doesn’t take that much.
– Only getting lost (mentally) for an hour. Used to take you all day.
– Goats.
– The promise of a fun a night.
– Cheesy hash browns.

4 Saturday
– Going into the clinic at an odd hour and still finding your favorite receptionist at the ready. Some people smile at you in the very right way. What a gift.
– Writing at the coffee shop and in the rain.
– Thick squirrels running happy from tree to bush. Fall is coming.
– Chocolate shakes on Saturday afternoons.
– Small dogs that wag their tails at you from the other side of a window.
– Planning. You’re not good at it. But you like it.
– This moment.
– Second winds.
– Paying the bills. Really.

3 Friday
– The sense the universe just opened up and is about to let you slip into something good.
– Working fast and heavy.
– Storm clouds you can see from miles away.
– Finding a great new (to you) lunch spot.
– Honey yogurt from Trader Joe’s. Take the spoon away. Right. Now.

2 Thursday
Learning anew the unseen influence unleashed in the world by spoken truths. Used to be you thought you had to wait until you got it just right. But no. You’ll always be wrong. Let’s repeat that: You. Will. Always. Be. Wrong. And yet it is the attempt at honest truth that carries forward. Intention means so much in expression.

1 Wednesday