August 2020

by Tom Swift

8 Saturday

  • The body’s feedback.
  • Talking it out. With a good person. Who is also a friend.
  • Letting the conversation come to you.
  • Having something useful to say.
  • Not saying too much. For a change.
  • The men and women who are trying as hard as they can to understand the coronavirus — so that their understanding can save lives and reduce suffering.
  • Cool air.
  • Your breath.
  • Understanding friends.
  • Choosing vulnerability.

6 Thursday

  • When there isn’t a line at Trader Joe’s.
  • A full fridge.
  • A full belly.
  • The attitude change that comes from a decent workout.
  • Knowing your business.
  • The sun reflected on the blades of the grass in your backyard.
  • Random rocks.
  • Shorter walks.
  • Chicken strips your dog can’t get enough of.
  • Making a stranger laugh.
  • When the only sound is the wind.

5 Wednesday

  • When you have a good book or two waiting for you at the end of a day.
  • Stimulating conversation. Gives you something akin to a high.
  • August.
  • When your neighbor’s jackhammer stops for the day.
  • If it’s not hell yes, it’s a no.
  • People who punctuate.
  • Winning without your best stuff.
  • Anxiety out of nowhere. The chance to come back to the moment or at least the living room.

4 Tuesday

  • Winning the day by noon.
  • Grab-and-go libraries.
  • Old hardcovers.
  • Lake Nokomis.
  • A new ladder.
  • Your dog’s gut about someone (approve).
  • Black olives.

3 Monday

  • The healing power of teaching.
  • Knowing when you hit your limit.
  • Divanni’s.
  • Longfellow Gardens.
  • Reading time.
  • Driving around on a summer night.
  • The new air.

1 Saturday

  • Saturday morning walks.
  • Morning coffee.
  • The way your dog bounces back.
  • Winning without your best stuff.
  • Speaking only when you have something to say.
  • A tidy house.
  • Your gut about someone.
  • Your dog’s gut about someone (disapprove).
  • Extra rest when you need it.
  • Clean bath mats.