Blah, Blah, Blah

by Tom Swift

One of the constants with expression is that you don’t have much to say if you are talking all the time. Put another way, you do not have much in the way of outputs if your inputs are minimal or uninteresting.

It’s the same for a writer as it is for a growing boy or girl. You are what you eat.

As a writer, your food is your words. You have to consume fortifying words if you want to describe interesting ideas or tell compelling stories. (Words do not technically have to be found on pages; they can come from art, a lecture, a conversation, etc. But pages are best.)

In other words, you have to read if you want to write.

I feel remiss that this weekend concluded and I did not consume enough stimulating words about specific subjects or ideas. I did not fill up my tank, as it were. As a result, I did not enter the week ready to write or otherwise engage the world with enthusiasm.

Did you see that?

Did you here about this?

Do you know what happened to them?

I do not consider myself high-brow when it comes to art, or really when it comes to much of anything else for that matter, but I do require a certain level of stimulation in order to feel lit up. This weekend I didn’t even open the Sunday newspaper. I cracked a book once, only to find it primed me for a nap. I have kept writing each day but you would not want to read what I wrote.

Garbage in, garbage out.