Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


In Defense of the Bench

My theory: a bunch of bros with big pecs and skinny legs ruined it for the rest of us. In certain circles, including CrossFit, the fitness philosophy I dedicated myself to for the last four-plus years, the bench press has a sullied name. It is something sneered at. It is a “bro rep” — i.e., something for meathead […]

Fur Against Skin

They carry him in on an upside-down box-top. The thing might have once enclosed oranges. For certain, writing and colors are splashed around the thin sides. You — you and your dog — watch this small dog, its head on a swivel, aboard the cardboard transport. This dachshund — in truth you can’t see enough of […]

Down in Big D

13 December 2017 9:46 a.m. Dog stashed, mid-week morning rush hour negotiated, and checked in by an amiable American Airlines staffer freelancing in the self-check kiosks, I head for airport security with light feet. As a younger adult, I resisted air travel — the decisions and the timing and the cost, well, the stress used […]