Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


Ode to Cauliflower

Oh, how I resist you so. Even when I do bring you home, which, let’s face it, is not as often as I should, I let you linger so long. There you sit — getting the cool shoulder, if not the cold one — receiving only my passing glances as I open the fridge and […]

Not Cold-Brewed; Cold Because It’s Old

Day-old coffee is highly underrated. Coffee may, in fact, share a trait with lasagna and sex: that is, it’s even better the next day. For that reason, even when I am “to-stay” I tell the barista to please make my order “to-go.” This morning, I forgot I had a half cup of aged java awaiting […]

DQ Is Right

Had Dairy Queen for the first time this season last night. Went with the old standby from my fat days: the M&M Blizzard. I had a coupon. The coupon primed me. I was making dinner and I saw the coupon and I said to myself, “let’s you and the little buddy hop in the car […]