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Let the River Run

Turns out, my sleep last night wasn’t as restful as I thought. I needed to close my eyes. I put my head on the arm of my couch. When I woke up a few minutes later, I heard the humming of engines. Our trash/recycling pickup was canceled this week. I wondered: could they possibly be […]

Tassels and Plywood

He stood tall in full cap and gown. He smiled. A camera would, no doubt, soon be aimed in his direction. Maybe more than one. Family had gathered. Hands were around his shoulders. They were on the front step of a house on 42nd Avenue. I saw his carefully combed hair and intuited from the […]


I took care of my fallen friend (tree) on Memorial Day. I sawed her limbs. I broke off her branches. I crushed up her twigs. There were twigs everywhere. I held in my hands her stump, which weighed more than it looked. I piled her logs, which were more in number than it appeared. I […]

Rest In Peace (Just Not on the Walkway, Please)

Only took one punch. I kid because I can. Not because I should. Sarcasm masks something. Oh you go ahead and figure it out. I had known this friend had fallen. Now I know she can’t get up. This was the view as of yesterday when I went outside for lunch. So sad. I had […]

The Eyes

We had a rough patch because of a sore spot. Something got lodged in my little buddy’s back right paw. Must have walked over something. Or scraped something. Anyway, it didn’t look right. Or at all comfortable. I have been learning about stoicism from books and talks and lectures of late. But, of course, I […]

Things Related and (Maybe) Not

My car battery is dying. My electric tooth brush is dying. Both still can still take a charge but neither can hold it very long. Come to think of it, this weekend I had to replace the battery in my kitchen clock. I have noticed of late, too, that my phone battery drains noticeably faster […]


After a few weeks of adjustment, I feel settled into my shelter-in-place life. I generally resist the placement of restrictions on my options but, when I am really honest about it, sometimes I do better after they are imposed. As long as I have my health and a notebook and my dog and some snacks, […]

New On the Menu: Crispy Blackened Chili

Let’s say — hypothetically — that before you started work in your home office this morning you started a crockpot of chili. Here you were, the day after it snowed, on a cool early spring day, a Friday no less, with hope of warmth and ease in your heart. (Very possibly you were also looking […]

Safety Measures

There is something unseemly about getting fat during a pandemic. To spend precious time in the grocery store gathering ice cream, filling one’s cart with potato chips, thumbing through the pastry selection, at a time when going to the grocery store itself is a risky proposition, makes even less sense to me than buying excessive […]

Ah Ahh Moments

On Saturday, I tidied my medicine cabinet. Here I don’t mean just that I tidied a shelf of my medicine cabinet. Or just that I plucked out and tossed from my medicine cabinet tubes of ointments last used before President Obama left office. Or that I discarded from my medicine cabinet bottles of medications that […]

Shoveling More than Snow

You brace when you hear a snowstorm is coming because a snowstorm means two things: inconvenience and extra work. In this case the inconvenience is that you may have a tough time getting home from work and always a blast of snow means shoveling. All day you glance out the window in anticipation. Your colleagues […]

Sixty-Four Cents

It is one of the best things I have done. It worked out better than I hoped. It looks nicer than I thought. It was, in other words, money well spent. (And I am a stingy dude.) I speak, of course, of the carpet I put down last month in my otherwise unfinished basement. Since […]

Out Sick

Sometimes you have an idea on how a day or a night is going to go and then life interrupts. I came home from work Monday excited to see my little buddy, play with him in the basement on a chilly evening, make us some dinner, and maybe get a few tasks done. Nothing too […]

Everybody’s Got Talent

I don’t do many things well, especially domestically, but one thing I have come to count on about myself is the ability to get out of jam. A specific sort of jam, I mean. What I am saying is that I can unplug me a toilet. ‘Twas not always so. I don’t mind admitting that […]

Let’s. Play. Ball!

When I say that adding carpet to the basement was a game-changer, I mean that. Literally. The little buddy and I suddenly have a significant indoor space in which to play our game. Our game being snout-soccer. Or wind-free fetch. Or chase. Depending upon the minute, the day, the mood. Anyway, you get the idea. […]


He’s got more nicknames than a boatload of sailors. Barry. Bonzo. Barry Bonzo. Buddy. Little Buddy. L.B. B. Dude. Duder. Doody. Lately, for reasons passing understanding, I have begun calling him Brother. Two days ago, Brother Barry turned 12. Tonight, he and I went on 48-minute loop through the leaves. Even made it down the […]

Circle of Life

The little buddy and I came home one afternoon this summer and found a bird grounded on our ground. She hopped about on our lawn beneath a tree. She didn’t take flight despite our presence, despite our direct approach. Not even when B. got his sniffer close. Meanwhile, another bird circled, some feet overhead — […]


A few words on mindfulness quick, before I gotta run. Ha! Seriously, mindfulness is all the rage these days. I mean, at least until you get pinged that another cat video has been uploaded and is now appearing in your Facebook feed. No way he jumped right into the cookie jar! As I was saying […]

Let’s Visit Our Other Structure

The garage light was on. It was early evening, just after sundown. Back from our last walk of the day and a game of snout soccer in the books, I decided to finally take on the felled tree branches I had left on the patio to deal with another day. Today — yesterday, to be […]


You can feel it on the edges of the day; the air is shifting, the sun is lessening, the heat is breaking. It was my turn to work the late shift yesterday. I do not mind being at work after the usual hours — there is calm and lightness in being part of the skeleton, […]