Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go

Home Life

New Sensation

I cleaned my garage the other day. This is an under-rated accomplishment. Mind you, there really wasn’t a ton to do. I own no power tools. Hang a broom here, discard some strands of wire there, clear off the single shelf, find a place for some planter’s boxes I want to keep but not immediately […]

The Sky is Falling

I squint my eye and face the north sky. I see a winged foot, a whirligig of silver maple seed, break from a tree that is ten stories high if it is a foot. I have not noticed this tree before. Though already in the short time I have lived here I have walked beneath […]

What You Can Find Between the Cushions

I remember the day, if not the date, that I lost my iPod Shuffle. It was early in the morning, still dark, and I was on my way into the gym. Somehow and somewhere in the 10 feet between the front seat of my car and the front door of the gym dropped the Shuffle […]