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Ah Ahh Moments

On Saturday, I tidied my medicine cabinet. Here I don’t mean just that I tidied a shelf of my medicine cabinet. Or just that I plucked out and tossed from my medicine cabinet tubes of ointments last used before President Obama left office. Or that I discarded from my medicine cabinet bottles of medications that […]

Shoveling More than Snow

You brace when you hear a snowstorm is coming because a snowstorm means two things: inconvenience and extra work. In this case the inconvenience is that you may have a tough time getting home from work and always a blast of snow means shoveling. All day you glance out the window in anticipation. Your colleagues […]

Sixty-Four Cents

It is one of the best things I have done. It worked out better than I hoped. It looks nicer than I thought. It was, in other words, money well spent. (And I am a stingy dude.) I speak, of course, of the carpet I put down last month in my otherwise unfinished basement. Since […]

Out Sick

Sometimes you have an idea on how a day or a night is going to go and then life interrupts. I came home from work Monday excited to see my little buddy, play with him in the basement on a chilly evening, make us some dinner, and maybe get a few tasks done. Nothing too […]

Everybody’s Got Talent

I don’t do many things well, especially domestically, but one thing I have come to count on about myself is the ability to get out of jam. A specific sort of jam, I mean. What I am saying is that I can unplug me a toilet. ‘Twas not always so. I don’t mind admitting that […]

Let’s. Play. Ball!

When I say that adding carpet to the basement was a game-changer, I mean that. Literally. The little buddy and I suddenly have a significant indoor space in which to play our game. Our game being snout-soccer. Or wind-free fetch. Or chase. Depending upon the minute, the day, the mood. Anyway, you get the idea. […]


He’s got more nicknames than a boatload of sailors. Barry. Bonzo. Barry Bonzo. Buddy. Little Buddy. L.B. B. Dude. Duder. Doody. Lately, for reasons passing understanding, I have begun calling him Brother. Two days ago, Brother Barry turned 12. Tonight, he and I went on 48-minute loop through the leaves. Even made it down the […]

Circle of Life

The little buddy and I came home one afternoon this summer and found a bird grounded on our ground. She hopped about on our lawn beneath a tree. She didn’t take flight despite our presence, despite our direct approach. Not even when B. got his sniffer close. Meanwhile, another bird circled, some feet overhead — […]


A few words on mindfulness quick, before I gotta run. Ha! Seriously, mindfulness is all the rage these days. I mean, at least until you get pinged that another cat video has been uploaded and is now appearing in your Facebook feed. No way he jumped right into the cookie jar! As I was saying […]

Let’s Visit Our Other Structure

The garage light was on. It was early evening, just after sundown. Back from our last walk of the day and a game of snout soccer in the books, I decided to finally take on the felled tree branches I had left on the patio to deal with another day. Today — yesterday, to be […]


You can feel it on the edges of the day; the air is shifting, the sun is lessening, the heat is breaking. It was my turn to work the late shift yesterday. I do not mind being at work after the usual hours — there is calm and lightness in being part of the skeleton, […]

Fresh Air

Cool air is coming from my vents. The figure on the thermometer just got smaller. And I just got lighter. You take for granted the magic of air conditioning until the morning you wake up and realize it got warmer in your home while you slept. Of course, air conditioning breakdowns happen on the hottest […]


One sign of the warm weather that has finally arrived for us is the increasing presence of bugs. Mostly a nuisance and never courted, summer would not be summer without some critters crawling and flying in your space — critters not present (at least visible) the rest of the year. The uninvited summer guests. Living […]

New Sensation

I cleaned my garage the other day. This is an under-rated accomplishment. Mind you, there really wasn’t a ton to do. I own no power tools. Hang a broom here, discard some strands of wire there, clear off the single shelf, find a place for some planter’s boxes I want to keep but not immediately […]