Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go

Home Life


A few words on mindfulness quick, before I gotta run. Ha! Seriously, mindfulness is all the rage these days. I mean, at least until you get pinged that another cat video has been uploaded and is now appearing in your Facebook feed. No way he jumped right into the cookie jar! As I was saying […]

Let’s Visit Our Other Structure

The garage light was on. It was early evening, just after sundown. Back from our last walk of the day and a game of snout soccer in the books, I decided to finally take on the felled tree branches I had left on the patio to deal with another day. Today — yesterday, to be […]


You can feel it on the edges of the day; the air is shifting, the sun is lessening, the heat is breaking. It was my turn to work the late shift yesterday. I do not mind being at work after the usual hours — there is calm and lightness in being part of the skeleton, […]

Fresh Air

Cool air is coming from my vents. The figure on the thermometer just got smaller. And I just got lighter. You take for granted the magic of air conditioning until the morning you wake up and realize it got warmer in your home while you slept. Of course, air conditioning breakdowns happen on the hottest […]


One sign of the warm weather that has finally arrived for us is the increasing presence of bugs. Mostly a nuisance and never courted, summer would not be summer without some critters crawling and flying in your space — critters not present (at least visible) the rest of the year. The uninvited summer guests. Living […]

New Sensation

I cleaned my garage the other day. This is an under-rated accomplishment. Mind you, there really wasn’t a ton to do. I own no power tools. Hang a broom here, discard some strands of wire there, clear off the single shelf, find a place for some planter’s boxes I want to keep but not immediately […]

The Sky is Falling

I squint my eye and face the north sky. I see a winged foot, a whirligig of silver maple seed, break from a tree that is ten stories high if it is a foot. I have not noticed this tree before. Though already in the short time I have lived here I have walked beneath […]

What You Can Find Between the Cushions

I remember the day, if not the date, that I lost my iPod Shuffle. It was early in the morning, still dark, and I was on my way into the gym. Somehow and somewhere in the 10 feet between the front seat of my car and the front door of the gym dropped the Shuffle […]