Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


Weird Is Good

I don’t have a microwave or a television. I’m not on Facebook. I don’t have a Venmo account. In other words, yes, I am weird. I grew up in the suburbs. I drive a Honda Civic. I am six feet tall. I eat a lot of chicken. In other words, no, I am not all […]

Almost Famous

So I am mentioned by name in Season 3, Episode 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, “Panty Pose.” Wait for it.


“When someone says something, don’t ask yourself if it is true. Ask what it might be true of.” That is Ross Levin, an executive in the local financial community, quoting author Michael Lewis quoting Nobel economist Daniel Kahneman, as found in an article titled “Nuanced Thinking Can Help You Plan” in the business section of […]

Blah, Blah, Blah

One of the constants with expression is that you don’t have much to say if you are talking all the time. Put another way, you do not have much in the way of outputs if your inputs are minimal or uninteresting. It’s the same for a writer as it is for a growing boy or […]

Every Dog Has His Day

You put your head down and do as well as you can. Not perfect. Certainly. But well. And it’s not always fun. And it’s sometimes stressful. And there are moments when you wonder if you are right to spend your time that way but, since you are committed to the bit, most of the time […]

The Hemingway Way

Leave something in the tank. That is another parallel between writing and lifting. Both the writer and the lifter benefit when she or he learns just how hard to work. This means two things: (1) starting and (2) knowing the right time to stop. Let me explain what I mean by that. I carry with […]

Shoulder to Shoulder

Like most people, I made a birthday wish. Unlike most people, my birthday wish involved the voluntary exhaustion of my deltoids. I cross paths nearly daily with Calvin, Ed, and Nayo, three bodybuilders who train together at our gym during the early morning hours. The three of them are like synchronized swimmers, constantly moving between […]

Beginner’s Mind

Yesterday I was thinking about resistance training and the beginner’s mind. Later, in bed, I read my horoscope and that phrase, beginner’s mind, was in the first line. I like to look at things as if for the first time. There is simplicity in stripping away conceptions about how things are, where we are, and […]

Home Is In Your Art

I’m writing an essay on the topic of Home. I have an idea of where this might go — I have some anchor details and a vignette that most certainly will be a hook here — but in the beginning stages of an essay it’s fun to shoot at a topic from all sorts of angles. To […]