Untethered Dog

Replacement Children and the Search for Meaning


Every Bit Adds Up

I wondered why I felt sore Friday, a day after I squatted. Why I felt sore still today, two days later. (It’s always the second day that is the worst.) Then I looked at my log. This month I am doing five-set sessions in the rep range of 8-12. The first session I did five […]

Frequency Redux

Ten minutes. Ten minutes a day. Let us say that is all the time you have to write. To lift. Consider: ten minutes a day adds up to an hour and ten minutes per week. An hour and ten minutes per week is more than sixty hours per year. How many words could you write […]

Habit Forming

One way to form a habit is to make the matter your day’s first priority. If something is important to you, after all, you put your attention to it first thing. This is where the writer-lifter runs into trouble. For here’s another parallel: the later the day gets, the harder it is to lift — […]

Intensity vs. Frequency

There are two means by which one grows muscle: by lifting weights with intensity or by lifting weights with frequency. Intensity: you lift hard. Frequency: you lift often. While you can, of course, find outliers, generally speaking, that is the choice. You must take one approach or the other. That is, you cannot do both […]

Writing and Lifting

Here are two things I must do daily in order to be me in the world: 1. Workout 2. Write With respect to the former, for a number of years now, at least seven, possibly eight, I have made it to the gym with clockwork consistently. Committed or should be is how I phrase it. […]