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It’s really the belief. Not just thinking every day, but believing every day that what you’re doing is right and that you’re going to achieve what you’re looking to achieve. It’s not going to happen right away. But if you truly believe it, it’s going to happen. -Connor Hellebuyck as told to Jared Clinton, “The […]


Everything I do, I have to master it. Whether it’s golf or fishing or whatever I’m doing — I have to master it. I have this drive that I just need to. -Connor Hellebuyck as told to Jared Clinton, “The Peg’s Perfectionist,” The Hockey News, 2018-2019 Yearbook  


3. Focus on the here and now. Self 1 won’t be at peace unless it does something useful — and that can be observing and monitoring the performance of Self 2. Concentrate on what is happening rather than on what you fear or hope will happen. When you’re skiing, for example, be aware of how […]


I wish I could calm down, but maybe being on edge is what makes me what I am. Maybe I need fear and pressure to keep me going. -Kelly Hrudey as told to Pat Calabria, “Red-Light District: The Islanders’ Kelly Hrudey Cannot Overcome His Fear of Failure,” Inside Sports (1989)


The more [Chicago Cubs pitcher Greg] Maddux’s physical skills decline, the deeper he must plumb his mental well to stay sharp. At that he is unrivaled. He is, for instance, a voracious observer. He can often tell what a hitter is thinking by where he stands in the batter’s box, how he takes practice swings, […]


[Atlanta pitcher Greg] Maddux has also developed a bulletproof confidence in his pitches. “It keeps you from panicking,” he says. He still vividly recalls the moment seven years ago when he realized he had to learn to trust his own abilities. He lost to St. Louis in the 11th inning when Luis Alicea hit one […]


Words spring from [Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty’s] mouth with an air of improvisation, just like the style of play he’s honed on the ice. He does everything on feel. Opponents never know what he’ll do against them — come to think of it, neither does he — when he rushes the puck up […]


But ask around and people in the know will say [San Jose Sharks forward Joe] Pavelski, the 205th player drafted in 2003, is a true student of the game, blessed with hockey smarts. Which is why less than 48 hours after his double-metal miss (in a crucial playoff game), he had already reviewed the video, […]


[Golden State Warriors forward/guard] Chris Mullin: “What I’m doing now is what I’ve always envisioned. It just took me a little while to get there. I was a little fogged out for a while, but that’s cool. I appreciate it even more.” -Rick Reilly, “In a Golden State,” Sports Illustrated, 3-30-1992


But if there’s one regret I’ve had as a sportswriter, it’s that the major sports are so predominantly male that you don’t get to write about many women. The reasons why that’s unfortunate for a male writer are 1) men aren’t as inclined to open up to men as women are, and 2) except where […]