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A Commonplace By Tom Swift



The time [Sports Illustrated editor Andre Laguerre] gave me advice was when I wondered whether writing about sports was really substantial. Laguerre simply said, “Frankie, it doesn’t matter what you write about. All that matters is how well you write.” I suppose that has helped sustain me all these years. -Frank Deford, “Confessions of a […]


Ottawa Senators coach Guy Boucher: “We’ve always talked about adversity as you have a choice. It’s going to destroy you or it’s going to build you, but we strongly believe that it’s a choice.” -Ken Campbell, “The Ties That Bind,” The Hockey News, June 19, 2017


The second time [Golden State Warriors coach Steve] Kerr and I talked happened to be roughly the day his symptoms — which include headaches and neck pain — began worsening. Yet, being Kerr, he still ran practice that morning and showed for our lunch interview. As we walked through downtown Oakland, a disheveled man across […]


To which [Tim] Tebow responds: “Why not? Why does everything start out with a negative connotation? Unfortunately, sometimes we look at things in a negative way, rather than striving for what we want to do, and what we believe in, and lifting each other up, and building each other up.” He’s getting fired up again. […]


“As a manager, [Japanese pitcher/slugger Shohei Ohtani’s departure to the majors], it’s going to hurt the team,” says [Nippon Ham Fighters’ Hideki] Kuriyama. “But I want him to succeed.” Then he adds this advice to the next manager who will oversee Ohtani: “Please trust him all the way through.” -Jon Wertheim, “Showei Ohtani — Japan’s Babe Ruth — […]


Strength coach Jay Cardiello asks people to “establish a sense of purpose rather than setting a goal. ‘You have to be pulled toward something. Goals are pushing. I want to lose 25 pounds. That’s boring. That pushes you away,’ he says. ‘I want to avoid getting diabetes, I want to walk my daughter down the […]


Philip Shepherd: “In our ‘doing’ society, we have a zeal for sorting out our agenda and implementing it. But in my experience the world is there to guide you at every moment. The world is calling you to come play, to come risk, to let your heart burn with a passion that will make sense […]


“When you get fatigued, usually it’s your mind that goes,” [Nashville Predators forward Mike] Fisher said. “You start making those decisions that you normally wouldn’t make. If you can control your mind when you get tired, that’s half the battle.” -Jared Clinton, “Drink Yourself Smarter,” The Hockey News (Playoff Preview 2017)


Tom Brady: “When you play professional sports … there’s a choice that you’re going to be … you subject yourself to a lot of criticism. After 17 years in the NFL, there’s a lot of criticism. I started experiencing that in college. College wasn’t an easy go for me … But I guess the point is, when […]


Dick Vermeil: “I mellowed. I realized I needed to discipline the things that made a difference, and let the things that don’t matter go.” David Maraniss (on Vince Lombardi): “He was brilliant at mixing hate with love.” Bill Parcells: “I could not pretend to be someone else. I had to be what I was.” -Jack […]