Untethered Dog

An Online Notebook by Tom Swift

Your Own Horn

Resistance Movement

Thanks to editor Sarah Jackson, who commissioned yours truly to write about one of my favorite topics in the current (April 2020) issue of Minnesota Good Age. Print copies available.

Almost Famous

So I am mentioned by name in Season 3, Episode 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, “Panty Pose.” Wait for it.

Every Dog Has His Day

You put your head down and do as well as you can. Not perfect. Certainly. But well. And it’s not always fun. And it’s sometimes stressful. And there are moments when you wonder if you are right to spend your time that way but, since you are committed to the bit, most of the time […]

Podcast Appearance

Thanks to Justin McGuire for inviting me on his podcast, “Baseball By The Book.” My appearance has now been posted. It had been awhile since I did one of those. McGuire, former Major League Baseball editor at The Sporting News, was great to work with at every turn and, obviously, when it comes to the […]

Play Ball (Again)

I have been invited to be a guest on “Baseball By The Book,” a podcast hosted by Justin McGuire, former Major League Baseball editor at The Sporting News. McGuire will interview me about my book, Chief Bender’s Burden, in December. I will share additional details as they become available.

Well, That Is Nice to Hear

You don’t generally like email, and you tell yourself not to check it too often. But then you wake up one Wednesday morning and see a message. This one came though overnight from your website. It’s from a history professor. He is temporarily teaching at your alma mater. He just wanted to let you know […]