Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go

My Own Navel

Houston, Do You Copy?

There are times when I cannot make a decision. Not a large decision. Not a small decision. My mind in these moments is like television sets in the old days when they did not work. The antenna was broken or something and all you saw on the screen was what we referred to as “snow.” […]

In the Normal Range

I waited longer than I had to in order to find out how my thyroid is doing sans the levothyroxine. The longer the wait, the more accurate the snapshot. The test results are now in: my thyroid still can produce thyroid hormone. I am in the so-called “normal” range. Two reactions to this news. First: […]

Pants With a Hole in the Butt

I’ve got a pair of pants — actually PJs — with a hole in the butt. One morning, this was not too many weeks ago, I was doing some air squats. I went down and up, down and up, down and …. rrrrrrpt! I have since washed the PJ pants. More than once, if you […]

Status Update

It has been nearly a month since I stopped taking levothyroxine. There’s no question now that, among other symptoms, my energy is lower. I take longer to get going in the morning and I lose my breath more quickly during the day when, say, climbing stairs or running with my dog. I have not posted […]

Back to the Back

Sorry to keep you hanging. An update on my back: After a couple of crabby days off, I was able to loosen it up enough to return to my lifting program yesterday. (Strangely, my shoulder lifts caused more concern and required a greater drop-down in weight than those of the back.) This is good for […]

Muscle Down

I pulled a muscle in my back. I don’t recommend it. It’s a good thing a person doesn’t really use their back for much, other than, of course, walking, sitting, bathing, reaching, bending, looking up, looking down, turning right, turning left, or, in other words, during pretty much every human act. How did I pull […]

Status Update

Seven days in. One full week of not taking levothyroxine. By now, the synthetic thyroid hormone should no longer be in my system. Game on. No doubt, I experience what I would not go so far as to call symptoms but rather effects: lower energy and mood among them. Also a slight loss in strength […]

Body Heal Thyself

Did you know that you can get your daily dose of selenium in just two Brazil nuts? You don’t get that kind of information in every blog. Here’s the thing: I want to get off levothyroxine. Levothyroxine is a drug prescribed for persons with hypothyroidism. I have taken levothyroxine for fifteen years. Hypothyroidism is a […]

Still Working It Out

We were walking about the art gallery when a woman friend familiar with some of my unvarnished writings remarked: “it sounds like you are working some things out.” “Always,” I replied. There is a tension between the desire to work things out in public, in published form, and the desire to do so in private, […]