Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


Dumb Phone

One way to look at your level of happiness is in inverse proportion to the amount of time spent on your phone.

Failure is Not an Option

In meditation, it is the moment you notice your mind wander where the growth occurs. You think this moment is the failure but in fact it is the victory. At that instant when you notice is when you know you have done what the practice is for. At that moment is where you know you […]

Cool Night

How lucky to have one’s greatest obstacle be that of the weather!


The senses that so easily overwhelm you are the very same ones that allow you to feel so deeply. Your greatest challenge is the conduit of your most profound reward.

Do You Believe in Miracles?

You may be coming to the realization that it is possible to simply enjoy life.

No Blame, No Shame

Follow the energy. Wherever it leads. Sometimes you’re a worker bee. Sometimes you’re a bird, wings outstretched, gliding about the clouds. You are both. If not at the same time.

Run Free

“What use of mind a person gains if he casts no eye on what his neighbor has said, done, or thought, but looks only to what he himself is doing, to ensure that his own action must be just, and holy, and good in every regard. Do not look back to examine the black character […]

Reason for Being

Instinctually, you believe your purpose is entwined with sacrifice. This is only the case if you make it so.

A Few Extra Pounds

The memory is powerful. More so than you give it credit for. When you wade around in that pool, be careful and be kind. You are already processing so much in present time. It takes not a lot more to be too much — to be enough to short your circuits. Maintain mental boundaries as […]

Embrace the Messiness

You never liked to get your hands dirty. Even as a child in the sandbox, you did not like messes. Life, of course, is not always tidy. Seldom is. Embrace — rather than run from — this fact. Illness is part of life. Illness is messy. Ergo, to be always clean is not to live. […]


In all sports, one key factor to playing defense is intensity. It is one instance in which tenseness is encouraged. To guard, to withstand, to prevent, to defend is to tighten. One can be loose on offense. You can be fancy free and still score. Not so to execute on defense. On defense you must […]

There is More Than One Way

Just as the breath is a way into to the moment so, too, are words. To intentionally arrange words in a way so as to try to make sense of your experience is to be as present as the human brain allows one to be. Feel your fingers form the visual manifestation of your mind. […]

It Really Adds Up

To take a break from sensation — to allow a moment to be, to notice your experience without another objective — versus taking up a new act — to pause rather than to change directions — is to make space for happiness to pay you a visit during the course of the day.

Next Level

So you have reached a higher place. Good for you. You earned it. You had a lot of help. But you have done well for yourself. Bravo. From this new-to-you perch you are apt to look down your nose at those who have not yet made the climb. Be careful of this. First, because it […]

Pause Button

There is no problem that cannot be dropped, if only for a moment. It is the holding onto things that weighs one down. Think of your kettlebells. The longer you hold them, the heavier they feel. Their weight does not at any point change; it’s the amount of effort you have to expend to keep […]

Think Ahead

By now the benefits of preparation should be clear: being ready is a singular stress-remover. Preparation: being ready to leave on time; being ready to pay a debt; being ready to eat your meals; being ready to lead, to teach, to learn; being ready to allow life to unfold as it will. Think even of […]

Right Speech

Sarcasm seldom satisfies. You do well when you make your written communications sincere. Sarcastic writings seldom age well. Speech allows for wider latitude, as speech provides greater context to your recipient. Intent is more easily conveyed when a listener hears tone and especially when she or he observes facial expressions. Playfulness, irony — even well-placed […]

Now Playing on Your Radio Dial

Used to be that it took some dexterity to change from one radio station to another. You didn’t press a button — or ask a mechanical female voice to press the button for you — but rather you moved a dial. Your thumb and index finger would spin the circular knob, as reflected in a […]

We’ll See

The moment your plans are interrupted, cancelled, or postponed remember this: it might be for the best. Maybe you would have gotten into an accident on the way. Possibly the problem that caused the disturbance will lead to broader answers, greater opportunities, or the chance for expansion. It is entirely possible the original plan would […]


Notice the snowflakes falling slowly from the sky. Like puffs of cotton, these flakes float and fall, each one an invitation to witness this moment. You are in this body and you are walking with your little buddy for such a short, short time. Soon he will mark another year, a week later you will […]