Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


Wider View

Yet my peace has been disturbed by a fuller awareness that one of our two major political parties is — at best — indifferent to democracy.

People Are Hurting

Of course, I do not know the answers to these questions.

Of course, it is not in my power to answer these questions for anyone else.

BYOB: Bring Your Own Ball

Given all that is going on in the world — we’re six months into a pandemic that our country doesn’t have the political will or direction to control, California is on fire, the rest of the Earth is also warming, we’re overrun by lawlessness and reckless ambivalence in Washington, D.C., and that’s just for starters — and from that standpoint this bowling ball bag seemed to be not just from another century but from another country.

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

The other day I, um, watched “Dirty Dancing.”
Yes — the whole movie. Of course, the original. What kind of question is that? The only version that should be allowed by law. The one with Swayze. And Jennifer Grey’s old nose.


But then you press your more weathered nose against another window and see your reflection. While you were not fooled before — while you are not, in fact, where you once were, you aren’t as formed as you thought when you felt so mighty as to smear at yourself.

(Not Exactly) The Only Thing We Have to Fear

It is one thing to learn that a cause or candidate or specific piece of legislation you believe in has not or will not advance. It is another thing altogether when the principles around which your country operates comes into doubt.

Of course, I am one person. I have modest means. I have minuscule power. What can I do?

The election is, of course, outside my control.
Shall I then throw up my hands and hope for the best?

As meager as my efforts may be in the grand scheme, it seems important to focus on what I can do.

Do the Work

Not feeling well? Hurting? Frustrated? Angsty? The cure might well be not in meditating or journaling or lighting incense and trying to become one with the universe but rather in just rolling up the proverbial shirtsleeves and doing the work.

Tassels and Plywood

He stood tall in full cap and gown. He smiled. A camera would, no doubt, soon be aimed in his direction. Maybe more than one. Family had gathered. Hands were around his shoulders. They were on the front step of a house on 42nd Avenue. I saw his carefully combed hair and intuited from the […]

Quarantine Crankiness

I go along thinking shelter-in-place hasn’t affected me much. For every adverse effect, I can find a positive. For every downside, I can see an upside. As one who is neither sick nor unemployed, it is, frankly, hard to muster a complaint. With so many in true duress, I am, by comparison, fortunate. No doubt. […]

Things Related and (Maybe) Not

My car battery is dying. My electric tooth brush is dying. Both still can still take a charge but neither can hold it very long. Come to think of it, this weekend I had to replace the battery in my kitchen clock. I have noticed of late, too, that my phone battery drains noticeably faster […]

It’s About What You Expected

Everyone has an opinion about Mondays. Love ’em (some) or loathe ’em (most). Wednesday has it own nickname. Hump Day. It’s maybe not the sort of nickname you wish for when you’re a kid on the playground. And, as an adult, it might keep first dates at arm’s length. But, hey — it’s better than […]


After a few weeks of adjustment, I feel settled into my shelter-in-place life. I generally resist the placement of restrictions on my options but, when I am really honest about it, sometimes I do better after they are imposed. As long as I have my health and a notebook and my dog and some snacks, […]

Benefits of Restriction

I don’t have as much experience with fasting as some — I have never done a multiple-day fast, for example — but, as someone who has used intermittent fasting intermittently (how else?) over a period of years, I have fasted enough to discover that one of its benefits is that, in the absence of food, […]

Harrowing Hours

It takes so long — and yet the time goes by in a flash. First, you have to put on your protective gear — head to toe, with face mask in place. (In my case, the mask is a scarf. It is plaid.) You have to make sure you have made your game-plan, and that […]

On the Fear of Not Being Able to Wipe Your Own Ass

You don’t need a year’s worth of toilet paper. Of course not. And it’s silly to fight with someone over what you don’t need. But the senselessness makes sense: we are not rational beings. Certainly not entirely. Not even mostly. We are, in a way, always fighting over toilet paper — always grasping for things […]

Russian Connection

It wasn’t just a hockey game. It was Us versus Them. It was our way versus theirs. Capitalism versus Communism. America versus Russia. We were all Americans then. After our boys beat their men, our students beat their professionals, Americans who didn’t know the difference between icing a puck and icing a cake sang the […]

The Miracle

Forty years later, the moment still gives you chills. You have been bottled up this week — literally (tension in your back and shoulder) and figuratively (lack of writing, irritability) — and you have for some weeks now felt pervasive despair over the state of our country. We are at that point in winter, even […]


It’s not the verdict that scares. It’s the deliberation to reach that verdict. The president was not just let off the hook; his behavior has been endorsed. This changes everything. We have failed before, we failed this time, we’ll fail again. The beauty of the system: we have always had correctives. We have always had […]

In Praise of Lethargy

This week has included a whole lotta blah. Tired. Slow. Not much mojo. Very little giddy-up and go. This is not my preferred status, of course. One wishes one were running on all cylinders. But in lethargy lies a gift. Lethargy forces you to … … slow down. You can’t go past your personal speed […]

Ah Ahh Moments

On Saturday, I tidied my medicine cabinet. Here I don’t mean just that I tidied a shelf of my medicine cabinet. Or just that I plucked out and tossed from my medicine cabinet tubes of ointments last used before President Obama left office. Or that I discarded from my medicine cabinet bottles of medications that […]