Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


Spaces In Between

This is it. Your dog sits between your legs. Heat whirs through the vents. A sun lamp is on. It is the only light. The night is over. The morning has not yet come. This is all. Feel his body rise, then fall, with his breath. He’s in his favorite spot. His body is higher […]

Motivation Follows Action

What a wonder it is that you can sometimes be ignited by things that previously dampened your flame. For months you had subscribed to a podcast[1] you avoided listening to. As the episodes downloaded — and episodes of this particular one are produced several times a week — you would scan the show notes. Almost always you […]

Phone, Home

Yesterday morning I walked out the door to start the day thinking my phone was in my jacket pocket when in fact it was sitting back, at home, on my desk. I didn’t realize this dissonance until I drove to work, closed the car door, and headed across the parking lot. It was at that […]