Untethered Dog

Replacement Children and the Search for Meaning


Rewards of Grief

Let’s be clear about something: we don’t want to romanticize grief. It is noble to take on grief and absolutely I will take the committed man or woman in that fight every day of the week and twice on Sundays. But grief is not a force that should be painted in benign terms — as […]

Another Thing

Grief is not linear. Does this make it cyclical? I’m not sure I would say that. I certainly don’t think grief has a fixed orbit. Or that you can predict its waves, even if it otherwise comes and goes like the tides. What is clear is that you can’t deal with grief quick-like, once or […]


It’s not the verdict that scares. It’s the deliberation to reach that verdict. The president was not just let off the hook; his behavior has been endorsed. This changes everything. We have failed before, we failed this time, we’ll fail again. The beauty of the system: we have always had correctives. We have always had […]

In Praise of Lethargy

This week has included a whole lotta blah. Tired. Slow. Not much mojo. Very little giddy-up and go. This is not my preferred status, of course. One wishes one were running on all cylinders. But in lethargy lies a gift. Lethargy forces you to … … slow down. You can’t go past your personal speed […]

Ah Ahh Moments

On Saturday, I tidied my medicine cabinet. Here I don’t mean just that I tidied a shelf of my medicine cabinet. Or just that I plucked out and tossed from my medicine cabinet tubes of ointments last used before President Obama left office. Or that I discarded from my medicine cabinet bottles of medications that […]

Something Good This Way Comes

Expression is one of my current core values. For reasons I won’t go into now, expression has not always come easily for me. Also for reasons I won’t go into now, writing about expression is not coming easily for me at present, either. That is why they invented bullet points — to create the illusion […]

Words About Numbers

01/01/2020. You have to love the symmetry. The cleanliness. Today is a day that even the most rabid anti-Gregorians would have to admit is pretty frickin’ sweet, dude. I think we all know that even-numbered years are better years. And balanced days on even numbered years? Off the charts, man. Plus you have the perfect […]

Gratitude Review

I wrote recently — on November 17, 2019, to be specific — about a pet project I had undertaken pertaining to my gratitude practice. My goal was to make a more concerted effort to add to my gratitude journal (maintained on this site) each day. My aim was less about what or how much I […]

Concentration is Crucial

I don’t like that of late it’s been harder to focus than it used to be. Specifically, I do not like I’ve noticed it’s become more difficult to concentrate on a book. I don’t like that I reach for my phone instinctively. Even if I do not have a reason to reach for my phone. […]


I keep coming back to a draft of a post on the topic of distraction but I guess I am, um, struggling to focus on it long enough to form a coherent utterance. Let me try again. Sometimes bullets help: I have been thinking a lot about distraction because I want to know I am […]

Finding It

You know. You know what you must do. You know what you must give up. What (or who) holds you back. You don’t always know the how. Or the when. And why bother with the why. Be gentle. But listen. Listen to the voice that tells you. To pick up the pen and write that […]

Anxiety Incarnate

Like a window shutting in front of your face. That is what it is like. A window you didn’t know was there. That you did not shut. Not wittingly anyway. You just could tell the view was being … skid, skid, skid … reframed. Thump. After this window closes you see as you did before […]


Being a personal writer means being comfortable with vulnerability.

Things I Could Write About

One All the parents I see at bus-stops in the morning. School bus-stops, I mean. What are they doing there? It’s like the long goodbye. It’s a school day! Let Liam and Skylar hang with their school-mates for eight minutes! Let ’em have a little unsupervised time before they get on the bus to go […]