Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


Press 1 to Be Caught Red-handed

I am a fugitive from justice. A renegade. A stone-cold criminal with no regard for human life. Or so you might believe if you listen to the voicemails I have been receiving. At least four times in the last week I have gotten robocalls alerting me that I face some serious allegations. I simply need […]


One sign of the warm weather that has finally arrived for us is the increasing presence of bugs. Mostly a nuisance and never courted, summer would not be summer without some critters crawling and flying in your space — critters not present (at least visible) the rest of the year. The uninvited summer guests. Living […]


This, to the extent I am aware of such dynamics, is my experience of — my view on — grief. Grief is sneaky. Stealthy is perhaps the better word. In any event, you often do not see or feel grief until it is already on you, in you, surrounding you. Even then, even when, you […]

Making People Happy Since 2007

We passed a young woman on our walk last night. She walked with her head down. Her head, aside from her face, was covered by a snug-fitting a hoodie. Her head never came up — she could see, I presume, the sidewalk a few feet in front of her and that is about it. I […]

Essential Zzzzs

The body can withstand the high heat of the Sahara and the bone chill of Alaska; can recover from ultra marathons, a boxing match, too much exercise, too little exercise, and physical abuse; can manage the effects of high stress, of no stress, and a long lack of light from the sun. Yet don’t underestimate […]

Eleven Things I Have Learned About Lifting

1. Lifting weights is a skill. Like any skill, it must be practiced. 2. Lifting weights is one of the best things you can do for your body. Even if you are old. And certainly if you are a woman. In the next ten or 20 years I think we will see a shift in […]

No Free Rides

I have been thinking a lot of late about situations in which a choice must be made and neither option is easy. If stayed on the levothyroxine I could for the rest of my life take a medication that my body very possibly doesn’t need. As meds go, this one is not known to be […]


Ideas have heat. They are like chili: they are mild, medium, or ohmygawd hot. Ideas, following with this metaphor, cool. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Sometimes the hot ones are too hot. Ta-ssss! In my case, I have too often allowed perfectly cooked ideas to get so cold they spoil. That happens. Ideas spoil. They […]

The Search Continues

Momentum is crucial. We are what we repeatedly do. I feel shame that I have been on this earth so long and still I am on a search for Self. And I am grateful for the same reason. We don’t know others’ hearts. Even if you live with someone for decades. But you suspect that […]

Spaces In Between

This is it. Your dog sits between your legs. Heat whirs through the vents. A sun lamp is on. It is the only light. The night is over. The morning has not yet come. This is all. Feel his body rise, then fall, with his breath. He’s in his favorite spot. His body is higher […]

Motivation Follows Action

What a wonder it is that you can sometimes be ignited by things that previously dampened your flame. For months you had subscribed to a podcast[1] you avoided listening to. As the episodes downloaded — and episodes of this particular one are produced several times a week — you would scan the show notes. Almost always you […]

Phone, Home

Yesterday morning I walked out the door to start the day thinking my phone was in my jacket pocket when in fact it was sitting back, at home, on my desk. I didn’t realize this dissonance until I drove to work, closed the car door, and headed across the parking lot. It was at that […]