Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


Mood (De-)Enhancer

There are places in America that are downright depressing. You might be perfectly content. You may otherwise be in a pleasing part of town. It could well be a beautiful day. Then you step in the door and your mood immediately sinks. I think we can all agree that Applebee’s is one of these places. […]

Shattered Glass

They killed pregnant women at Wounded Knee. Four of the women — four of the 150 to three hundred (estimated) people slaughtered by the United States on December 29, 1890 in southwestern South Dakota — were women with child. Driving to the All My Relations Gallery yesterday afternoon, with the Minneapolis skyline on the horizon, […]

Cold Calls

Impressions from my first visit to Acme comedy club: – Nice venue. We had good seats with a small table for drinks and there didn’t appear to be many bad ones. No bad seats, I mean — I can’t vouch for the drinks. Nice crowd on a Wednesday night. Strangely, it was sauna-warm in the […]

Get Lost

I didn’t want to go down that path. I thought this would be a shorter walk. The little buddy led us there. Not for the first time he showed me the way to wisdom.

Amateur Hour

When the idea arouse to go to Sisyphus Brewing for a taste of their weekly open-mic comedy hour, I imagined our small group being among a smattering who had ventured out on a Thursday night for overpriced microbrews and free guffaws. I pictured a makeshift stage, one that no doubt otherwise hosted try-hard no-name cover […]

Can I Get Fries With That?

Impressions on my first visit to Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy at the Mall of America: – Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy at the Mall of America is the comedy house equivalent of fast food. It’s McComedy. It’s slick. It’s get in, get out, the next show starts in a half hour … and, besides, […]