Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


Judgment Day

What if there is no big reveal? What if you place yourself in the role of God? What if you leave all others to their own affairs forever, see that they are never to return to those seats in the imaginary stadium you conjure, the one with a scoreboard that cannot, no matter your delusions, […]

Exercise All Day

What are the limits of high frequency-low intensity? How much progress can one make with just a little done a lot? You feel so good when you do a few strenuous reps; a little physical exertion boosts your mood and stabilizes your energy. The key is to live in the sweet spot. Think of it […]

The Republic for Which It Stands

“Vigil for boy of responding kisses, (never again on earth responding)/Vigil for comrade swiftly slain, vigil I never forget, how as day brightened,/I rose from the chill ground and folded my soldier well in his blanket,/And buried him where he fell.” -Walt Whitman, “Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night,” Drum Taps: The […]

Eye on the Target

Are you distracted in any way by what happens to you from outside? Then give yourself some free time to learn something new and worthwhile, and stop wandering about aimlessly. But after that, you must also guard against going astray in a second way; for equally foolish are those who have become weary of life […]

Riddle Wrapped in a Paradox

What do you do if your mode is to write but there is no part of you that wishes to write?

People Are Hurting

Of course, I do not know the answers to these questions.

Of course, it is not in my power to answer these questions for anyone else.

(Not Exactly) The Only Thing We Have to Fear

It is one thing to learn that a cause or candidate or specific piece of legislation you believe in has not or will not advance. It is another thing altogether when the principles around which your country operates comes into doubt.

Of course, I am one person. I have modest means. I have minuscule power. What can I do?

The election is, of course, outside my control.
Shall I then throw up my hands and hope for the best?

As meager as my efforts may be in the grand scheme, it seems important to focus on what I can do.

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

What is the story with the beetles we encounter on our walks who manage to go belly up on the sidewalk with no apparent ability to right themselves? They move their myriad legs as if they are running in the park yet they are not moving. They are going nowhere. Maybe not ever again. Unless […]

The To-Do List

How many things should you try to accomplish today? Any day? Two? Four? Six? Eight? Who do we appreciate? Clarity! Clarity! Yeah! I will put my pompons away and say: What rates as an accomplishment anyway? Surely, anyone who bathes and brushes her or his teeth and shows up for a job, does that job […]

The Word of the Week

Distraction. What is an appropriate amount of distraction? How much time off should you take? How much time off must you take? When is a distraction not just a distraction but a detriment? What people, pets, places, things distract you? Is there an optimal amount of distraction? A better or best type, a greater or […]

Things I Could Write About

One All the parents I see at bus-stops in the morning. School bus-stops, I mean. What are they doing there? It’s like the long goodbye. It’s a school day! Let Liam and Skylar hang with their school-mates for eight minutes! Let ’em have a little unsupervised time before they get on the bus to go […]

Face the Facts

Sometimes you have to ask yourself the questions that are staring you right in the face in the morning. Such as: Is it possible I went to sleep with my glasses on last night? What I know: – I had them on in bed to read before turning out the lights. For sure. – I […]

Wires Crossed

Do you ever feel as though you have energy for a thousand things and for nothing at the same time? As if your emotional currents are so crossed that sparks form and fly — zap-zap — but the whole of you does not know where it wants to move? That you burn through your allotted […]

Save Us From Ourselves

Consider the seatbelt. Under the law, you must wear one. Why should this be? The intent of a seatbelt, of course, is to protect a person in a car from getting hurt in the event of a sudden stop, car malfunction, accident, or so forth. Yet why is there a law that I says I […]


Is there a more comfortable creature to be found on the planet than a dog in a bed of blankets?

Thou Shall Not Steal Thy Toilet Paper

At what point did we decide that the paper dispensed in restrooms requires impenetrable casings? Are we not wanting to see the toilet paper? The hand towels? Or were people making off with rolls in a rash of thefts undetectable by the authorities?[1] Now I can see the advantage of having a contraption so big […]

Character Scorecard

Just from what is known: – Braggart about sexual assaults of women.[1] – Detractor of the military record of men who fought, served, and suffered — in some cases enduring personal torture — while overseas on behalf of our nation.[2] – Accused violator of myriad state and federal laws, including the Constitution he swore to […]