Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


Wires Crossed

Do you ever feel as though you have energy for a thousand things and for nothing at the same time? As if your emotional currents are so crossed that sparks form and fly — zap-zap — but the whole of you does not know where it wants to move? That you burn through your allotted […]

Save Us From Ourselves

Consider the seatbelt. Under the law, you must wear one. Why should this be? The intent of a seatbelt, of course, is to protect a person in a car from getting hurt in the event of a sudden stop, car malfunction, accident, or so forth. Yet why is there a law that I says I […]


Is there a more comfortable creature to be found on the planet than a dog in a bed of blankets?

Thou Shall Not Steal Thy Toilet Paper

At what point did we decide that the paper dispensed in restrooms requires impenetrable casings? Are we not wanting to see the toilet paper? The hand towels? Or were people making off with rolls in a rash of thefts undetectable by the authorities?[1] Now I can see the advantage of having a contraption so big […]

Character Scorecard

Just from what is known: – Braggart about sexual assaults of women.[1] – Detractor of the military record of men who fought, served, and suffered — in some cases enduring personal torture — while overseas on behalf of our nation.[2] – Accused violator of myriad state and federal laws, including the Constitution he swore to […]