Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go



Why do people say they “tweeted out” whatever it is they posted to their Twitter feed? Tweeted out: can you tweet in? Up? Down? Sideways? Diagonal? I mailed the letter. I emailed the document. I shipped the package. The word “out” is unnecessary. It is redundant. To tweet is to do the “out.” There is, […]

Beard Season

I love the NHL playoffs. This year’s tournament, however, has not, thus far, mid-way through the second round, been schedule-altering, must-see fun. Why? My theories: 1. It’s no longer an upset when everyone is doing it. People like the unexpected — I get that. Yet all four division winners were knocked out in the first […]

Say Ball!

Sports is my first language. I don’t remember reading many books as a kid, but I do remember racing to beat my older brother to the sports page in the morning. Scrums sometimes ensued on the occasions I had first dibs, as I insisted on reading every word of the section — even all the […]

Stand for Something

Jerry Nadler was asked on Meet the Press on Sunday: Is the evidence revealed in the Mueller Report impeachable? He turned his head. He sat there for a few seconds. Finally, he said yes. It was as if we were watching him make up his mind right then and there. Regardless of your view of […]

March Badness

I feel cheated. March is now full of so much badness. You can neither make someone go to college, nor stay in college, and you should not try, especially when college is not necessary for him make such a comfortable living in his chosen profession that the children of his unborn children won’t have to […]