Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


Memory Lane

I believe in those days the place was called Williamsburg Estates. Irony is fun. The white columns face the stoplight where France Avenue ends, where St. Louis Park meets Minneapolis, just west of the lake that at that time was called Calhoun. I recall the maintenance man greeting me during my move-in: “welcome to the […]

Circle of Life

The little buddy and I came home one afternoon this summer and found a bird grounded on our ground. She hopped about on our lawn beneath a tree. She didn’t take flight despite our presence, despite our direct approach. Not even when B. got his sniffer close. Meanwhile, another bird circled, some feet overhead — […]

Take Me to the River

At this moment my little buddy and I are not on the morning walk, as we usually would be, but rather on the couch, huddled close. Specifically, he is at my hip, his butt near my pit. He is scared. We are in the midst of a rainstorm. The storm we were supposed to get […]


It was always the coldest arena in the county. And none of the Ramsey County rinks were what any person living outside of Siberia would consider warm. The joint wasn’t yet named after the late St. Paulite creator of the Peanuts. It was just Highland then. In my memory, we always got the 6 a.m. […]

Free Delivery

It’s Thursday night and you get a notion to open the app. An alert pops up. A small square table and four matching chairs are available. For free. They are sitting in the the alley. First-come. You check the time. Posted 18 minutes ago. You and your buddy hop in the car and drive the […]

Every Creature is a Miracle

He stopped. Right after the squirrel slid by — under? — my tires, he paused. There, in the middle of the road, immediately beneath my mirror. In my mind’s eye, he looked back at me. That’s right. For one second in an image that has lasted the rest of the day he sat there, he […]

The Weight of Water

I do not want to see Donald Trump impeached. I do want the president punished in accordance with the law based on accepted fines, personal restrictions, and standard punishments for whatever, and however many, crimes he has committed. I have no faith in the moral sense of Congressional Republicans. I do not have high hopes […]

Be the Koala

When I was a kid, my favorite animal was the koala. I had no actual experience with koalas. I have never been to Australia. Perhaps I saw one at the zoo. I have no memory of seeing one at the zoo. I had a stuffed animal koala. I have memory of this but it is […]

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

When I look back the word that comes up is forward. This year I moved forward better. That may sound like a small thing and perhaps for many people it is. For me, moving forward has never been easy and often it’s difficult. For one thing, I have not always been good at knowing what […]