Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


The Weight of Water

I do not want to see Donald Trump impeached. I do want the president punished in accordance with the law based on accepted fines, personal restrictions, and standard punishments for whatever, and however many, crimes he has committed. I have no faith in the moral sense of Congressional Republicans. I do not have high hopes […]

Be the Koala

When I was a kid, my favorite animal was the koala. I had no actual experience with koalas. I have never been to Australia. Perhaps I saw one at the zoo. I have no memory of seeing one at the zoo. I had a stuffed animal koala. I have memory of this but it is […]

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

When I look back the word that comes up is forward. This year I moved forward better. That may sound like a small thing and perhaps for many people it is. For me, moving forward has never been easy and often it’s difficult. For one thing, I have not always been good at knowing what […]