Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


Man in the Median

Coming home from an outing with a writer friend, I drove by the man at a good clip. Still in the glow of good conversation and positive word construction, I was by him almost as soon as I knew I was on him. Impressions with two feet on the ground are suspect. Impressions at thirty-five […]

And the Fan’s Roar

Before sunup. The heat has been offensive this first week of June. My go-to weather app, when I checked it after work hours last evening, said, “feels like 100.” At the moment, the humidity of yesterday has been cleared out by the miracle of Central Air. A fan — a big black fan — blows […]

Boring Stories Of …

In memory, Springsteen is playing on the radio. That’s right: “Glory Days.” Sure, it’s possible my imagination has erroneously inserted a soundtrack so quintessential as to be cliché. But I don’t think so. 

I am certain Bruce was on and I can get pretty precise with the timeframe on account of the other reasons I […]


Look down, fair moon, and bathe this scene;Pour softly down night’s nimbus floods, on faces ghastly, swollen, purple;On the dead, on their backs, with their arms tossed wide,Pour down your unstinted nimbus, sacred moon.-Walt Whitman, “Look Down, Fair Moon,” Drum Taps: The Complete Civil War Poems (reprint, 2015)

Just Be

Close your eyes. Listen to the birds chirp. The dog bark in the distance. There is a woodpecker on the top of that telephone pole. Hear him whack away. There is a ladybug crawling along the walkway beneath you. The silent bug spreads her wings then closes them again and heads for the grass and […]


It is important to name things correctly. It is easy to infer, hard to know. Do not state that you know something to be true if you are not certain. Certainty is seldom found in this world. Even if you think you know what you just saw. We see so much in our age! Everything, […]

Close Encounter

It was just like that old Alfred Hitchcock silhouette. Except in this case it wasn’t an iconic storyteller but a large raccoon. Early a.m. You and the little buddy are on the couch. First you hear the patter on the roof. Initially sounds like ice cracking. Until it doesn’t. Because whatever it is it’s moving. […]

Give a Girl a Break

“You always hear about the comedian who wants to play Hamlet. I think writers are probably something like that, too. What fun is it for Frank Deford to write about a guy like Frank Deford?” -Frank Deford, Over Time: My Life as a Sportswriter, “Naked Slept the Commissioner” I saw her coming for more than […]

Snow Angel

In the clearing kids skate across a frozen creek bordered by leafless trees and beneath a blunted but unmistakable sun. There will never not be romance for you around such sound: of blades cutting outdoor ice. Of pucks hitting sticks. Of the singular melding of heat and chill, of laughter and intensity, that arouses from […]

The Present of Presence

He got what he needed just then. Who knows what is to come for any of us. But do not underestimate the power of one right move.