Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


On Air

5:39 p.m. You’re nearly done making dinner. You’re favorite radio talk show is on live in the background. You check the steak. They go to commercial.   5:40 p.m. You set down the oven mitt and pick up your phone. In the segment before the commercial break the host of the show[1] had summarized a […]

Let Me Get Up to Greet You

This time of the year in Minnesota you do not expect to encounter creatures who are not on the move. Squirrels scurry. Dogs follow their leaders.[1] The few birds who stick for the season do not often sit on the sidewalk as you pass. During this morning’s stroll through the neighborhood, however, it was me, […]

I’m Good, Thanks

This morning at the gym I looked up to see the manager of a liquor store I had visited for the first time the other day. “Max,” I said. I was reasonably sure my memory of his name was correct. I was certain the man before me had helped me pick out a Pinot Grigio. […]