Untethered Dog

You Never Know Where He Will Go


The Search Continues

From our side of the river you can see a pedestrian bridge that runs parallel to the current. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to walk it. Today was the day were going to find that bridge. After driving up and down the river parkway, we pulled over. I figured we […]

In the Beginning

On that walk this morning … we heard a baby crying. It was still dark. No sound but the crying. Sounded like the baby was alone. The crying came from the direction of some shrubs along the tree-lined street. The street was north-south. We were going east-west. Then, as if fabricated from the shadows, a […]

Take Me to the River

At this moment my little buddy and I are not on the morning walk, as we usually would be, but rather on the couch, huddled close. Specifically, he is at my hip, his butt near my pit. He is scared. We are in the midst of a rainstorm. The storm we were supposed to get […]


You can feel it on the edges of the day; the air is shifting, the sun is lessening, the heat is breaking. It was my turn to work the late shift yesterday. I do not mind being at work after the usual hours — there is calm and lightness in being part of the skeleton, […]

Life Is Easy

You think the next day of the man in the jacket on a hot afternoon standing on the pavement who turned to you and told you about his two dachshunds. He chuckled at the thought. The dachshunds are 14 and 16 and years old, respectively, he said, they are father and son, barely more than a […]

The Little Things

As you approach during the morning walk you see the man on his stoop. Your impression registers in an instant. He is wearing a ragged T-shirt. His hair looks hasn’t been washed this week, the strands look like electricity. It is unusual to be dirty this early. The takes a drag from his cigarette. You […]

Morning Light

After the morning walk, we sit on the back step. Soon, I will need to get into the shower. It is, after all, a work day. But that can wait. We have a few ticks. Thank you for coming close. And letting me look with you. At the sun coming through the tree. Thank you […]

Morning Moment

You have had a cup of coffee and you have gathered the blanket. It’s going to be a warm day but this early, well before sun-up, it is cool in the house. Your little buddy has been out to do his business and now crests between your legs, resting his head on your shin. You […]

Squirrel Crossing

He darted so fast and with so little warning all I could do was slam on the breaks. I have no idea how I missed his little head and frayed tail. But somehow he slipped by my front tires as my blueberry-and-yogurt breakfast rattled in the passenger-side seat and my phone and coffee cup sailed […]

I Am Evil

“Would you like to round up today?” It used to be that at-the-register fund-raisers were rare events. We were raising money for a member of the community who had cancer and no put-of-pocket maximum. At some point the round-up question became more ubiquitous than the one about paper or plastic. Quite possibly I have regressed […]

Sidewalk Talk

His name was Cliff. He had leaf bits on his chest. He said this wasn’t his house. He lived some doors down. He had stood and greeted us as we approached. “You are doing yard-work for your neighbor?” I asked. He smiled through an incoherent answer. Cliff smiled easily. I’m not sure why he was […]


As you drive with your little buddy to the pet supply you wonder if she will be there. Nah, you think, it’s Friday night. A young woman like that, she will be out with her friends. But then Hazel’s is the first face we see when we walk in the door. She turns, her eyes […]

On Air

5:39 p.m. You’re nearly done making dinner. You’re favorite radio talk show is on live in the background. You check the steak. They go to commercial.   5:40 p.m. You set down the oven mitt and pick up your phone. In the segment before the commercial break the host of the show[1] had summarized a […]

Let Me Get Up to Greet You

This time of the year in Minnesota you do not expect to encounter creatures who are not on the move. Squirrels scurry. Dogs follow their leaders.[1] The few birds who stick for the season do not often sit on the sidewalk as you pass. During this morning’s stroll through the neighborhood, however, it was me, […]

I’m Good, Thanks

This morning at the gym I looked up to see the manager of a liquor store I had visited for the first time the other day. “Max,” I said. I was reasonably sure my memory of his name was correct. I was certain the man before me had helped me pick out a Pinot Grigio. […]

Fur Against Skin

They carry him in on an upside-down box-top. The thing might have once enclosed oranges. For certain, writing and colors are splashed around the thin sides. You — you and your dog — watch this small dog, its head on a swivel, aboard the cardboard transport. This dachshund — in truth you can’t see enough of […]