by Tom Swift

Brian Brenner: “He’ll cave. He’ll agree to the debate on their terms.”

MacKenzie McHale: “No, he won’t.”

Brian: “You romanticize Will.”

MacKenzie: “Mm-hmm.”

Brian: “That mock debate was about him. He was the star. He attacked his—”

MacKenzie: “He didn’t attack anybody. He asked questions that the candidates should be able to answer and that the voters should be able to hear them answer. He didn’t cower and he wasn’t Ed McMahon. Thinking there was even a remote chance—Maybe it was naive.”

Brian: “It wasn’t naive, it was hubris.”

MacKenzie: “It was gutsy and you’re just jealous.”

Brian: “Jealous of what? You know, fuck you, Mac. I’ve spent this week letting you kick my ass from here to the Chrysler Building because you were selling out every 15 minutes to get your hands on something you didn’t get. And you were embarrassed by it in front of me. He doesn’t want you.”

MacKenzie: “Please don’t talk about my personal life.”

Brian: “I’m sort of a key player in it. Is it all right if I talk about my personal life? Yes, I broke up with you. I’m the first guy ever to break up with a woman. And then I came back. Also unprecedented. Did he come back?”

MacKenzie: “I don’t know yet.”

Brian: “Seriously? After four years? In Castaway, Helen Hunt got remarried in less time than … I never would have gone with the Casey Anthony story. I don’t care how much of my audience I was losing. And he’s gonna cave on the debate, too.”

MacKenzie: “Are you sure about that?”

Brian: “I am absolutely sure about that.”

MacKenzie: “You know what I like about Will? He’s not absolutely sure about anything. He struggles with things. He’s never certain he’s right and sometimes he’s not. But he tries hard to be. He struggles with things.”

-The Newsroom (Season 1, 2012)