Character Scorecard

by Tom Swift

Just from what is known:

– Braggart about sexual assaults of women.[1]

– Detractor of the military record of men who fought, served, and suffered — in some cases enduring personal torture — while overseas on behalf of our nation.[2]

– Accused violator of myriad state and federal laws, including the Constitution he swore to uphold and defend.[3]

– Repeated adulterer, including with at least one adult film actress.[4]

– Supporter of national rulers known to mutilate and kill citizens, including at least one citizen of his own country.[5][6]

– Sympathizer of white supremacists.[7]

– Serial liar.[8]

Can you think of a person[9] of lesser personal character than the current president of the United States? How many come to mind that are in the conversation? How many of those people are Americans?


*          *          *

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