Christmastime is … Here?

by Tom Swift

It’s a favorite pastime to bah humbug Christmas music playing in public places before Thanksgiving. Here is a first for me: tonight I heard parts of not one but two Christmas tunes while frequenting a functioning business. It’s January 2 (if you have lost track of the days already).

These songs — including “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” (by someone other than Andy Williams — in other words, a poser) and “Christmastime is Here” (not the Charlie Brown version, which, if you are going to listen to “Christmastime is Here” on January 2 you have to hope it’s the Vince Guaraldi Trio that is making you wonder whether you are dreaming in public) — played overhead while I filled my tank at the pump.

I don’t, frankly, know what to say. Is it too late — or too early?

Perhaps this seals it. Those of us in the one-holiday-at-time-please camp have finally raised our white flags. We surrender. OK: You win. Christmas forever.

Or at least anytime it’s not beach season.

I would just like to say that to all those who think this country is waging a war on Christmas, you should go down to the Moto Mart on Hiawatha Avenue tonight.

And don’t forget the eggnog.