Concentration is Crucial

by Tom Swift

I don’t like that of late it’s been harder to focus than it used to be.

Specifically, I do not like I’ve noticed it’s become more difficult to concentrate on a book.

I don’t like that I reach for my phone instinctively. Even if I do not have a reason to reach for my phone.

If you want to get better at writing you have to do two things: write a lot and read a lot. This is no secret.

A well-read mind is a calm mind.

When I read a lot I sleep well.

When I spend time with my phone before bed I do not.

Patience is a virtue. To struggle to concentrate is to be impatient.

I have written of late about distraction. Some amount of distraction is good, needed even. What amount is too much seems an important question. We have control here. But it takes effort. More than a little, I might add.

Some people go on technology fasts.

There are forces, economic and political, that thrive when large masses of people cannot concentrate. Their aims are not necessarily to do us only good.

The ability to learn and the ability to concentrate … these two things, it seems, go hand-in-hand.

I don’t want to ever stop learning.