by Tom Swift

As you drive with your little buddy to the pet supply you wonder if she will be there. Nah, you think, it’s Friday night. A young woman like that, she will be out with her friends. But then Hazel’s is the first face we see when we walk in the door. She turns, her eyes light up, she climbs down from the shelf where she is restocking, and comes right over to greet you. Well, let’s face it, she’s there to greet not you but rather your little buddy. From their first encounter the two of them have gotten along like old pals. She bends down, palms his ears; he lifts his face, soaks it up. Before you ask, she recalls the special orders you had placed two weeks ago. She hops up and heads to the stock room to retrieve them. Later, when she sees you are ready to go, she asks a colleague at the register to step aside so that she can be the one to ring us up. Which she does but not before she pulls out and opens up a fresh bag of your buddy’s favorite treats. As you roam about the world, you tend to look for the momentous moments. But it is in the small and seemingly insignificant ones where love so often is.