by Tom Swift

Cherish encounters with souls that delight your own.

Rare are the people who energize you rather than deplete you.

Do not wallow. Do not follow this signpost of frustration over the fact that such moments are fleeting. This is how it must be.

What makes such encounters special is that they are so seldom.

To feel not alone in this world is a gift. It’s the closest you come to knowing what the word magic means.

Yet it is not necessary. And, besides, it is not up to you.

In truth, you have a choice only on one end of the equation: that is, to hold out your hand.

If you do not feel in your palm the touch of reciprocation do not lament but rather take advantage of the opportunity.

To grow. To learn. To expand. To further connect with yourself.

For you do not require another for that.