December 2018

by Tom Swift

31 Monday
The safety and comfort of home, especially when you have extra snacks.

30 Sunday
– The sound of a tank filling with water.
– The love in dogs’ hearts.
– Being unexpectedly immersed in something on a Sunday morning.
– Sparkly snow.

29 Saturday
– The man at the hardware store you knew would know.
– Who knew new sink strainers could make you so happy?

28 Friday
– Having a good, fair, kind, affordable mechanic in your life.
– Finding the faucet you ordered sitting on the front step.

27 Thursday
– New tires.
– Figuring out a way to save two hundred bucks on tires.
– Easier commutes than you expect on a sleety weekday.
– Managers who take time to talk to their employees.

26 Wednesday
– Noticing that you make difficult decisions faster than you used to.
– Back to work and it feels like you’ve been gone for well more than the five days you had off. Ahh-umm.
– The short week has a long week’s worth of stuff left to do in it. But OK. You’ll plow through.
– Broccoli slaw. With a little extra dressing. Yeah, you use dressing.
– Long walk. In the evening. Not too cold. New area of the neighborhood. Done minutes before the snow flies.
– The way your hands feel stroking your dog’s fur at the end of the day.

25 Tuesday
– Gyms that are open on Christmas.
– Finding the new weight belt you bought three days after you left it near the rack. Merry Christmas to you!
– Quiet Christmas mornings.
– New coffee to try in your French press. Mmm.
– Doing a hundred back-squats with your body weight on your back and feeling fine.
– The resources at your disposal to learn things.
– The anticipation of what is supposed to be a good movie.
– A crowded theater but spots open in the middle.

24 Monday
– Epigenetic researchers.
– Losing 2.4 pounds (this week).
– Losing twenty pounds (seven-plus months).
– Lasagna-smothered bread.
– Unexpected candid conversations.
– Sunny afternoons made for walking.
– Christmas Eve night.
– All the good that happens in your body when you don’t eat for sixteen or eighteen hours.

23 Sunday
– Thin layers of snow.
– Hot ginger tea.
– Coffee shop writing time.
Charlie Brown Christmas music.
– Live jazz. Even if you can’t see the musicians.

22 Saturday
– Cleaning floors. Even in the corners where all that dust and lint and gunk collects.
– Being ready for Christmas.
– Learning about car tires.
– Taking walks in the winter evening, seeing the lights, not in a hurry to get home, it’s so comfortable out!
– Sipping Bailey’s Irish cream.

21 Friday
– Churches that do Winter Solstice services, which, let’s face it, is the reason for the season.
– Being in a night-dark sanctuary with a thousand other people who also hold lit candles.
– Visiting a new (to you) grocery store, one that is manageable in size and staffed by faces and you meet with easy smiles.
– Paying a big bill. Two of them, actually.
– Solving a financial dilemma that has been hanging over your head for weeks.
– Using your rage with calm. She didn’t mean to break your glasses and, look, here is a solution you can live with, one that may actually be better than had the break not occurred in the first place.
– Naps.

18 Tuesday
– Black birds.
– Visits to the vet.
– Watching your dog run in the snow.
– Buying books.
– Peanut butter chocolate smoothies.
– Rabies vaccines.
– Money dilemmas. It is the paradigm. In the challenge is where you find the reward.

17 Monday

16 Sunday
How little it takes to change your mood in a positive way.

15 Saturday
– Sleeping rock-solid after a long, long week.
– Dreams about running as you do, strong and true, with an occasional corner cut.
– The power of gratitude journals.
– Squirrels that talk to you. Literally. You can hear that one squawking from across the street.
– The steam that rises from the side of a house when the furnace is on.
– Being in an architectually favorable neighborhood. Seriously, if you could measure a person’s health, well-being, and life satisfaction in aesthetically poor and then again in aesthetically pleasing settings I think the difference between the two scores would pretty much freak us all out.
– Time to think at work.
– Finding a new dog park. New to you. anyway.
– The curry chopped salad at Trader Joe’s.
– Clerks who ask what you are up to and care about your answer.

14 Friday
– Soft blankets.
– Trash day.
– Corn chips with lime. You could eat guacamole all night.
– The park at night. You can’t believe how many people you encounter still in this weather.
– Being close to a body of water.
– Art, even if it’s a television show, that moves you a little.

13 Thursday
– Thursday. Thursdays are good days. Over the hump, stuff to do, yeah, but weekend ahead.
– Having taken a few small steps forward on Wednesday night so that you wake up a little lighter than you othrwise would on Thursday morning.
– Having the bed made before 5 a.m.
– Another day, another rabbit greets you.
– Possibly finding a good place for a Winter Solstice service.
– Unexpected free time.
– Late long walks late on a warm winter evening.

12 Wednesday

– Rabbits that strike a pose in the early hours. You see them as you return from the gym, as you walk about in the morning dark with your dog. Every day this week they are there.
– Being in a position to teach someone.
– Being asked to take on more.
– Long winter walks, up and down the block, taking in the holiday lights, closing out the day.

11 Tuesday
– Seeing pictures of your dog in the middle of the work day.
– Finding additional love for your dog to break up the work day.
– The Brandenburg Concertos.
– Free spaghetti. With meatballs!

9 Sunday
– Running into a familiar face you have not seen in fifteen years.
– Two hours of work on Sundays are worth at least four on every other day.
– Small pottery galleries open on Sundays.
– People who walk right up expressly so they can pet your puppy.

8 Saturday
Great tacos. Good conversation.

7 Friday
– A dog with a hop in his step.
– People who walk their dogs even when they would rather be inside and warm on the couch.

6 Thursday
Tall, wide trees with several squirrel dreys spread about the top half of the branches.

1 Saturday
– Neighbors who ask for your number. Just to be neighborly.
– Neighbors who tell you what you should not do. Just to be honest.
– Big flakes of snow.
– Learning how to do a real bicep curl. After all this time.
– Writing for its own sake.
– The Mississippi River.
– The fact that November is no longer. With the flip of a calendar a conflict is finally over.
– Not having to go anywhere.