DQ Is Right

by Tom Swift

Had Dairy Queen for the first time this season last night. Went with the old standby from my fat days: the M&M Blizzard. I had a coupon. The coupon primed me. I was making dinner and I saw the coupon and I said to myself, “let’s you and the little buddy hop in the car and go get a treat.” I enjoyed the first couple of bites. Otherwise, my treat was not especially satisfying. I wanted the candy pieces to go away. Halfway through I wished I had gotten something without the candy pieces. Can you get a fudge Blizzard? A chocolate? On the menu the choices are all cookies and candy — all the choices have brand-name logos next to them. I am pretty sure I once got a fudge Blizzard. I don’t remember there being all those logos. I used to be able to get something without candy pieces. Something without the candy pieces would have been better.