Election Journal

Intention: To do one thing. At least one thing. Every day.

September 27

Gave small sum to political campaign.

September 26

Gave small sum to political campaign.

September 25

Gave small sum to U.S. Senate campaign.

September 24

Attended political action committee virtual town hall.

September 23

Gave small sum to U.S. Senate campaign.

September 22

Gave small sum to U.S. Senate campaign.

September 21

Gave small some to political action committee.

September 19

Donated small sum to an organization dedicated to helping restore the voting rights of formerly incarcerated citizens.

September 18

  • Donated small sum to candidate fighting to save democracy.
  • Read candidate statement.

September 17

  • Responded to election survey.
  • Donated small sum to organization fighting to save democracy.

September 16

  1. Reviewed sample ballot. Made decisions on several races. Began investigating issues/candidates in the others.
  2. Listened to interview with prominent voting rights attorney.
  3. Donated small sum of money to candidate committed to democracy.

September 15

  • Further engaged with U.S. Senate staffer.
  • Found and downloaded my sample ballot so I can weigh and consider my votes in down-ballot races, including municipal and school board races/initiatives.

September 14

Discussed fears and skepticism about upcoming election with representative in one of the two U.S. Senators from my state.

September 12

  • Gave nominal amount of money to nonprofit, nonpartisan voter drive.
  • Gave nominal amount of money to partisan voter protection organization.

September 10

  • Participated in political action committee’s Zoom call.
  • Listened to Vote.org podcast about election prep and action plans.

September 9

Read about …

… history of voting rights:

… current laws that govern voting;

… simple, affordable steps that could be taken to make voting safer, easier, and fairer in a pandemic; and

… Founders’s views on voting.

September 8

  1. Volunteered for voter-registration effort via non-profit, non-partisan organization.
  2. Donated small sum of money to political action committee.
  3. Registered for Zoom call with same PAC about current state of race.

September 7

  1. Wrote to my other representative in the U.S. Senate.
  2. Learned about and contacted a national organization that fights all forms of voter suppression — with litigation, in some cases — and actively supports efforts to make voting safer and easier.

September 6

  1. Wrote to process what I am learning about authoritarianism.
  2. Listened to podcasts from both a political action committee as well as a nonprofit voting rights advocacy organization discussing voter suppression efforts vis-a-vis the November election.
  3. Wrote to one of my two representatives in the U.S. Senate to express my concerns and to ask about efforts to protect voting rights of tax-paying, law-abiding Americans this November.
  4. Updated website to provide space for reflection and education.

September 5

  1. Researched voting rights nonprofit organizations Vote.org and TurboVote.
  2. Considered new ways in which voting information might be presented on this website.
  3. Learned more about authoritarianism.


September 4

Spent time reading, writing, think about, and listening to an expert talk about the topic of authoritarianism. Specifically how tyranny can take hold in small-D democratic nations. Since Democracy is on the ballot this November.


September 3

  1. Contacted the Fair Elections Center in Washington, D.C., after spending time on their website learning about the organization’s worthy mission. Specifically, I want to know what people and groups I can count on — and support — in this election’s potentially chaotic aftermath.
  2. Engaged online with voters in my neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. I want to learn more about what I can do to in support of possible voter rights efforts.


September 2

Contacted my representative in Congress to let her know my concerns about the upcoming election. Specifically, I requested a report on what is being done to ensure that the election will be free and fair — that the results will accurately reflect the will of the people.


September 1

Started a new subscription, print and digital, with a local newspaper. You can’t have democracy without a thriving free press.


August 31

Donated small sum of money to When We All Vote, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that aims to increase voter participation in every election.


August 30

Donated a small sum of money to an independent organization in support of their efforts with regard to a U.S. Senate campaign.


August 29

Added personal information to the Election Worker Portal after learning my application to be an election judge has been approved.


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