Embrace the Messiness

by Tom Swift

You never liked to get your hands dirty. Even as a child in the sandbox, you did not like messes. Life, of course, is not always tidy. Seldom is. Embrace — rather than run from — this fact.

Illness is part of life. Illness is messy. Ergo, to be always clean is not to live.

You have been sick of late and this has made a mess of many things. It’s one thing to be physically unwell and another to be mentally so.

As the remnants linger, make use of them: renew your understanding that acceptance of illness means accepting all of it — that there will be greater cost, that time will be spent on unwanted things, not spent on wanted things, and your affairs, not excepting the orderliness of your kitchen and the quality of your writing, will not be as you wish them to be.

Too, recall how much your mind at such times can easily recall ill feelings and conjure sickly memories. These will pay you a visit but do you not have to invite them in.

Decisions, often difficult for you anyway, are significantly more so. You do your best and accept the mess.

Stress is not your friend now. To fight with another is to fight with yourself.

The physical illness is the easy part. The mental side effects are the aspect you can change.