by Tom Swift

[Toby and Karen Kroft are sitting at a table having drinks.]

Karen: “You sure?”

Toby: “Thank you, no. I …”

Karen: “They’re playing the Eagles. We’re talking 50-yard line. Toby …”

Toby: “You can’t have the job.”

Karen: “OK.”

Toby: “The parks bill … we made it Senate-confirmable.”

Karen: “This is the first I’ve heard …”

Toby: “They added it in conference. We’ll find something. I don’t know what.”

Karen: “You don’t have to do that.”

Toby: “Can’t be Museum Studies. God forbid the Senate falls out of the mix on that.”

Karen: “I’ve made a lot of enemies on the Hill. You don’t owe me.”

Toby: “We asked you to fight a losing … Yes, we owe you.”

Karen: “This is … when the President calls a play …”

Toby: “I called the play. I called it.”

Karen: “Raising the gas tax.”

Toby: “It was a loser and I pushed to have you introduce it anyway.”

Karen: “That doesn’t make any difference.”

Toby: “Well, look, let’s just …”

Karen: “I came out for a gas tax ’cause someone from Michigan had to. Gas prices are too low. It’s why the air is polluted. It’s why no one wants alternative fuels.”

Toby: “And, clearly, that argument took the nation by storm.”

Karen: “In my religion … the whole symbol of the religion ended in crucifixion and condemnation. That wasn’t the measure of the experience. It’s just the way it ended.”

Toby: “Yeah, but I’m the Romans.”

Karen: “It’s in the living. It’s in the campaigning that you make your mark. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.”

The West Wing, Season 4, “Swiss Diplomacy” (2003)