Face the Facts

by Tom Swift

Sometimes you have to ask yourself the questions that are staring you right in the face in the morning. Such as: Is it possible I went to sleep with my glasses on last night?

What I know:

– I had them on in bed to read before turning out the lights. For sure.

– I don’t recall reaching for or putting them on this morning.

– My glasses are on as I type these words.

So you do the math.

Except, it can’t be that I did that. Can it? I mean, I slept through the night, no pee breaks, even, I dreamed, I pushed at least one pillow off the bed, I twisted the comforter around my legs, I half woke up, meditated, before getting up … all this and I kept them on and didn’t notice that they were, in fact, on? (Note: now that I think of it, there may have been one pee break.)

No way. There must be some other explanation.

I’ll check with the dog.