February 2018

by Tom Swift

28 Wednesday
– Thrusters. Yeah, really.
– Standing safely and comfortably inside your own skin.
– Your remote car starter.
– Getting over Hump Day.
– Free cake.
– Extra frosting.

27 Tuesday
Letting go of an emotional weight that turns out not to be all that heavy.

26 Monday
Listening to loud music during a long jaunt in the car.

25 Sunday
You can feel it: despite the snow blowing over the road as you drive with your wool hat on and the heat turned up, spring is coming.

24 Saturday
– Showing up. So much clarity comes from just showing up and speaking your truth.
– A great hockey game.
– Returning to a passion present before your first memory.

23 Friday
Fluffy snow outlining all the trees.

22 Thursday
– Sweet vibrations.
– Good conversations all day long.
– Cod.

21 Wednesday
– The moment you know you have outlasted illness.
– Early breaks.
– Clerks who let you get away with one.
– Longer light.
– Crisp apples.
– Getting home in record time.

20 Tuesday
Your first real workout after two weeks of crud.

19 Monday
The ability to talk.

18 Sunday
– Silence.
– Soft fur.
– Signs of progress.
– Despair.
– Paul Newman movies.
– YouTube fixes.
– Baked beans.

16 Friday
– Doctors.
– Science.
– Antibiotics.
– X-rays.
– X-ray technicians.
– Affordable health insurance.
– You hate going to the clinic multiples times in a week-plus but how lucky you are that you can!

15 Thursday
– The friend who drops you a note simply because you hadn’t crossed paths in a couple of weeks.
– The response when you tell your friend why: can I bring you some soup?
– Saying yes even though your place is a mess and you are an even a bigger mess after 10 days of icky.
– Being delivered more than a meal: multiple helpings of chili (with fixings) fruit (grapes never tasted so good), even two slice of chocolate cake for dessert.

14 Wednesday
Festive people.

13 Tuesday
– The ability to go to work.
– People who missed you.
– People who ask after you.
– The clarity of illness.
– Signs of recovery.
– The immune system.
– Soup.

12 Monday
Rewatching every Aaron Sorkin movie. When they set his napkin scribbles to film, you will watch that, too.

7 Wednesday
– Hot tea on a burning throat.
– Ricola honey lemon echinacea — the only cough drop that will do.
– Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. With “The Mother.”
– Cayenne pepper. Gotta do it.
– Nasal irrigation.
– A little buddy who gets excited to be close on the couch when you can’t really do anything else but be close on the couch.

6 Tuesday
Allowing yourself to be sick.

5 Monday
– The five-second rule.
– When someone smart calls you for help.
– Arriving early.
– Leaving on time.
– Cinnamon.

4 Sunday
– Sneezes.
– Fans.
– The wind.
– Thoughts that arise in the stillness of the morning.
– Making snow angels. While wearing shorts. When the real-time temp is below zero!
– Having so much fun in the morning, lifting weights and slapping butts and giving shit and having coffee with friends.

3 Saturday
– The air.
– My breath.
– Kind people who ask you sincere questions.
– Knowing your weakness so well.
– An inner voice that tells you that you are strong enough.
– Shame.
– Sadness.
– Tears.
– Reminders of why things are as they are.
– Knowing your work. Knowing the original sins. Life is still hard but it’s harder when you don’t know what you’re fighting against.
– When the radio talks to you.

2 Friday
Emptying your inbox at the end of the day. It was so full at the start of the week!

1 Thursday
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.