Finding It

by Tom Swift

You know.

You know what you must do.

You know what you must give up.

What (or who) holds you back.

You don’t always know the how. Or the when. And why bother with the why.

Be gentle. But listen.

Listen to the voice that tells you. To pick up the pen and write that thank you. To put the phone down and love. To fix that door. To fold those clothes. To not start the week without groceries or else you’ll eat too much junk and spend too much money on junk. To take a day off. To pick that weight up. To write that story while the fire still burns.

Certainly, you can get better at execution, at craft, at technique. There are brilliant people in this world who are ready and available to teach you, often free of charge. Apply their teaching. New learning is not anathema to the voice. No.

There is this, though: if you can’t listen to the voice, if you do not act on the voice, no teacher can save you.

It is not either/or, external or internal. It is both. Strive for both.

Yet if in a given moment you have to choose between the two … there is no choice at all.

To go against world wisdom is to possibly look foolish or fail. This can be overcome. To live is to occasionally lose.

To go against the voice is to wage a fight with yourself. And then how can you possibly win?