Free Delivery

by Tom Swift

It’s Thursday night and you get a notion to open the app. An alert pops up. A small square table and four matching chairs are available. For free. They are sitting in the the alley. First-come.

You check the time. Posted 18 minutes ago. You and your buddy hop in the car and drive the 1.2 miles. You are the first served.

Except you can’t quite fit the table in your vehicle. Does the person who is giving away this table and chairs for zero, zilch, nada, nothing does he, um, cough, deliver?

In fact, yes.

He doesn’t know you looked all fall for the right fit, not really sure exactly what that would be. He doesn’t know that all winter you put off buying a table for your new narrow kitchen, one in which your round one just doesn’t do. Doesn’t know that this one is the right color for the wall it will rest against.

He has no idea how happy he is making you. You try to tell him.

He smiles.

He gets in his Subaru.

He follows you.

He unloads the table.

He patiently waits while you run inside and grab your checkbook.

You offer him money for his trouble. More than once he tells you that is not necessary. He eventually takes the check, mostly, you gather, so he doesn’t offend you.

You thank him again.

Nearly a week later you walk into your kitchen. You set your lunchbox down. You sigh.

You will soon eat dinner on that table. And check out the hockey scores. And pull your buddy in for gentle squeeze.

There are some really nice people in the world.