Frequency Redux

by Tom Swift

Ten minutes.

Ten minutes a day. Let us say that is all the time you have to write. To lift.

Consider: ten minutes a day adds up to an hour and ten minutes per week. An hour and ten minutes per week is more than sixty hours per year.

How many words could you write in sixty hours?

How much weight could you lift in sixty hours?

Keep in mind that sixty hours is 100 percent writing — or lifting — time. You aren’t eating or peeing or Facebooking or taking care of another creature during that ten minutes. Why? Because ten minutes, that’s why!

Now, I would argue ten minutes a day would amount to far more than ten minutes a day even if, truly, all the time you spent was ten minutes a day. That’s because the muscles, whether the one between your ears or the rest of them, respond very favorably to frequency. You come back every day, even for just ten minutes. and you reap the compound interest of all the unconscious priming your mind does for you the other twenty-three hours and fifty minutes you are not writing or lifting.

In other words, the difference between not writing or lifting ten minutes a day and actually writing or lifting ten minutes a day is so staggering it is hard to put into words all you can write or lift in ten minutes a day.