January 2018

by Tom Swift

31 January
– Soft snow.
– Letting go.
– Grabbing the bar.
– Throwing the ball.
– Not grasping at what isn’t there.
– Au Revoir
, January!

30 January
– Frank conversation.
– People who are honest with you.
– What happens when you are honest with people.

29 Monday
Making all the stoplights!

28 Sunday
– Snowflakes.
– Warmth.
– Heart beats.
– Fingers.
– Servers that call you buddy.
– Blushing.
– A dog with closed eyes.
– Enough food.
– Chickens.

27 Saturday
– Being a safe harbor for another soul.
– Being true to my own.
– The healing power of the trees.

26 Friday
– Copland’s “Appalachian Spring Suite.”
– What you learn when you mentor someone else.
– A nearby exemplar of the power of gratitude.
– Jerry Seinfeld.

25 Thursday
– The ground beneath my feet.
– The light coming in from the window.
– The walls on either side of me.
– The car that takes me where I must go.
– The thing that keeps me down.
– The thing that raises me up.
– Love.
– The promise of love.
– The healing power of love.
– The struggle.
– The fight.
– The place from which comes all that is gentle and good within me.

22 Monday
Being snowed in.

21 Sunday
– Laughing really hard at the coffee shop.
– Unexpectedly good writing.
– Long walks.
– Pizza parties.

20 Saturday
– Long workouts with friends.
– Longer coffees with same.

19 Friday
– New shows.
– Purple skies.
– Warm greetings.
– Falling asleep a minute after closing your eyes.

18 Thursday
Dead-lifting 450 pounds. Three times. Consecutive.

17 Wednesday
– Taking risks.
– Accepting self-doubt.

16 Tuesday
– Small moments of human connection.
– Small moments of canine connection.
– Feeling big.

14 Sunday
All of it.

13 Saturday
– Time spent playing games with a pair of friends.
– Reading time.
– Hang time with the pooch.
– The right song at the right time (redux).

12 Friday
Getting so fried with work! Then realizing you done a little good. That moment you go home, exhausted and energized at the same time.

11 Thursday
– Laughing before 6 a.m.
– Looking around a room and noticing that you have been here before and yet you are different now. Growth isn’t always obvious. Seldom is it, in fact. But there are those moments! Those beautiful fleeting moments!
– A happy dog.
– Warmth.

10 Wednesday
– Your job.
– Feeling comfortable at your job. Challenged yet comfortable. You can do this.
– Laughing at work.
– The way work can shade other life matters in a positive light. Or maybe a less negative one.

9 Tuesday
Nasal irrigation.

8 Monday
The immune system.

7 Sunday
– A clean fridge.
– Clean sheets.
– The difference 35 degrees makes.
– The option of going for a walk.
– A car full of groceries.
– Sunday supper.

6 Saturday
– Time spent with buddies: hanging out, having a couple of cocktails, talking, laughing, listening, sharing.
– Keeping that commitment, despite freaky cold weather, despite a bout of unexpected grief, and despite the bug your body is fighting off that makes you want cuddle up on the couch with your four-legged friend.
– Fingers.
– Animal advocates.
– Journalists.
– A hand-written letter from a friend of 17 years, one of the best guys you have even known and worked with (you had hired him way back when!) who now lives eight states away.

5 Friday
– Owning your errors. So freeing!
– Love. Even when it hurts.

4 Thursday
– Not caring as much as you used to about things that don’t serve you.
– Your dog’s heartbeat.
– Leftover spaghetti.
– Working toilets.

3 Wednesday
The wisdom of the body.

2 Tuesday
– Supermoons. And pretty fucking cool moons you see on the way to work.
– Being so busy during the day you don’t have time to think of anything else.
– Yoga teachers. Especially the good ones.
– A person who smiles sincerely asks you how you are during the morning workout.
– A nephew who texts you in the afternoon just to say thank you.
– Butts. Enough said.
– Having your pajamas on before 6 p.m.

1 Monday
– Hot and sweaty yoga. Not necessarily touted among its many benefits, turns out on the first day of the year it’s a solid way to recover from the last day of the year.
– Bitterly cold days. For there is no excuse not to get a few things done inside. Or take a nap. Or watch a movie. What are we going to do — spend more than three minutes in a row outside?
– Warmth.