June 2017

by Tom Swift

30 Friday
– Fresh rain splashes on large, wide windows.
– Fresh puddles of sweat on the workout floor. Yours.
– When you bend over and the west just falls off your face.
– Reading at the end of the day.

29 Thursday
Kicking ass. Especially when at something you haven’t been doing for very long.

28 Wednesday
When someone you’re trying to help goes out of their way to make you feel good.

27 Tuesday
– Air.
– Clouds.
– A lone white bird drifting high above.

26 Monday
Squatting heavier than you thought you could — five sets worth.

22 Thursday
– Sweat.
– Observing a man sitting alone under a tree doing seemingly nothing else but taking in the early morning.
– Completing the 3-miles running workout faster than you started it.

21 Wednesday
Days when the little buddy gets to play outside while you work. He’s happy — which makes you happy.

20 Tuesday
Warmth in the morning.

19 Monday
Being missed.

18 Sunday
Making another happy.

15 Thursday
– Sleeping in. Almost till 6!
– Anger that you realize, finally, is directed inward, telling you what you have to do.

14 Wednesday
– Waking up to a completely dark world — the power out everywhere you look.
– A happy surprise: an orange float delivered to your desk.
– Saying something nice to a friend.

13 Tuesday
– Learning to run better.
– Feeling close to someone.

12 Monday
– Learning to walk lighter.
– Feeling close to someone.

11 Sunday
– Nighttime thunder showers that don’t stop until well into the morning.
– Sundays are the best days for movies.
– The best biscuits and gravy you’ve ever had.

10 Saturday
– Going with it.
– Breaking through with finesse instead of force.

8 Thursday
– The body. The way it reacts on your behalf, giving you feedback that cuts through the mind’s static.
– Angst. The way it shows you what is missing.
– Lifting more with your upper body than you ever have. And feeling less pain than you have in a long time.

7 Wednesday
– Looking good. And not apologizing.
– The sudden sound of an old friend’s voice.
– The man you are named after.

6 Tuesday
Caring. But not too much.

5 Monday
– Hair.
– Hockey in June.
– Rising in the morning, having time for coffee, and time for writing.
– Squatting heavy.
– Laughing easy.
– The moment before bed.

4 Sunday
– The sound of the fan running on a warm summer night. Or the air conditioning. Or the dishwasher.
– The moment after the day turns into night, yet there remains light and warmth.
– Looking at art. Outside. On a beautiful afternoon.
– Being so tired you fall asleep as soon as you close your eyes.
– Realizing a challenge has snuck up on you.

3 Saturday
– Stretching first thing in the morning.
– The moment when you release the pressure, such as while rolling a lacrosse ball or pressing a kettle bell firmly against the sore body parts.
– Laughing so hard your body moves more than a little.

2 Friday
– Breaking up the bad mood with a funny phone call.
– Realizing you have enough to do this.
– Your little buddy’s soft coat: still after all these years.

1 Thursday
– Running on a perfect morning: early spring sun, a hint of cool, and still.
– Slapping your friend’s hand on the last leg of the row-run combo you’re all doing together at the gym and soon after feeling that rush over your shoulders — that moment when you are completely empty and you start filling back up.
– When that feeling carries you into the day.