June 2018

by Tom Swift

30 Saturday
– Showing up for appetizers and staying for a long dinner.
– Chicken that falls off the bone.
– Being served the garlic mashed potatoes by mistake.
– Cheating with a few bites of garlic mashed potatoes. Oh gosh they were good.
– Walking out into a warm night.
– Being surprised by people. And, thankfully, this time in a good way.
– Distant, small-city radio stations you pick up during night-time drives with the windows rolled down.

29 Friday
– Losing two pounds — your goal — nothing more, nothing less.
– Laughing so hard at work you nearly spit out your shake.
– Showing for the party of familiar faces and finding a few new ones to talk to.

28 Thursday
Muddling through. Some days, that’s all you can do.

27 Wednesday

– Cows.
– Camels.
– Feeling comfortable.
– Good news you will soon deliver to someone else.

26 Tuesday
– An unexpected afternoon off.
– A story you’re so excited to tell that you nearly jump out of your skin right before you do.
– Writing your own permission slips.
– Authority.
– Room to breathe.
– Stocking up on good meat.
– A baby gopher on the side of the highway.

25 Monday
– Dreams that wake you up so they are noticed.
– Starting the week with heavy box-squats.
– Stumbling onto a new path.
– A new (to you) sport.
– Fresh goals, new possibilities.
– The bits you learn when you write your story.

24 Sunday
– Doing your own thing.
– Bringing all of you to the (coffee) table.
– Shocking someone.
– Feeling your physical body from the inside out.
– Realizing you have more work to do. But you got this.
– Anticipation.
– Taking forward steps. And being rather quick about it.
– Albino squirrels.
– Rabbits running.
– Cod.
Of Mice and Men.

23 Saturday
– Birthday parties.
– Finding a new place for care.
– Gin and fantastic tonic water. Really.
– Sharing good news. And being heard.
– Little girls who smear cake in their eyebrows.

22 Friday
– Greeting the day before a blazing orange sunrise.
– Really caring about what you do.
– A great Friday. A great last day of the week.
– Finding new sources of motivation. They flow like water from a fountain. You open your mouth and let the spray coat your tongue.
– Sitting on a park bench  as the sun sets over your shoulder.

21 Thursday
– Being the first one to work in the morning.
Rosalita: On the edge of out of control. Bold. Yet you can dance to it.
– Leaving work early at the end of the day.

20 Wednesday
– Driving fast with the windows in your hair, your buddy at your side, and Bruce turned up on the stereo.
– Finally connecting with a certain someone.
– Letting go at lunch and laughing all the way.

19 Tuesday
Good yoga teachers.

18 Monday
– Ten years of love.
– Trust during a storm.
– A smiling face that asks how you are and waits for the real answer.
– Rest when you need it most.
– Sit-ups.

16 Saturday
– Sweet people.
– Solid progress on a hard project.

15 Friday
– Finding out you are on a team that supports you and helps you.
– Facing fears. So hard! So much good comes!
– Sitting on the stoop with some buddies on a warm night, eating barbecue, drinking gin, shooting the shit.
– After all this time finally finding the language you need to calmly steer clear of situations that used suck you right in.
– Ribblets.

14 Thursday
– Warm showers.
– Sunny lunches.
– The opportunity mistakes provide.
– The clarity mistakes provide.
– The chance to slow down.
– The gift of fear.
– Hours of humility.
– Moments when you are forced to look at where you are and where you are going.

13 Wednesday
– Energy for change.
– What happens when you accept, accept, accept.
– Old dogs walked with their older masters on the side of the road as you pull into home to greet yours as one of those.

12 Tuesday
– Warm weather.
– Warm memories arising from unexpected encounters.
– Dreams that show you what is.
– The time you tried to save a squirrel.
– Chicken and brown rice.

11 Monday
– The compound interest that comes from daily reading.
– Getting caught up. If only for half of a day.
– Feeling strong.
– Resting easy.
– Letting the angst do what it’s going to do.
– Eggs.

10 Sunday
Realizing what you need and giving it to yourself.

9 Saturday
– Easy conversation.
– Steak salads.
– One painting that sticks.
– A ballgame that sucks you in.
– A friend to share it with.
– Belly dancers.

8 Friday
– Going out of your way for your dog. Knowing he is happy. Tired and happy.
– Friends who have impromptu gatherings — and invite you to them.

7 Thursday
Staying late so to get to that place where you have nothing else that really needs to be done.

6 Wednesday
– Lifting weights in the morning and then again in the evening.
– Steak dinner. Earned it.

5 Tuesday
– Black squirrels.
– Purple flowers.
– Making a funny in the staff meeting.

2 Saturday
– Doing your own thing at the gym and being part of the group at the same time.
– Every hour you work on a Saturday is worth two.
– Those people that just put you in a good and free mood — laughter just flows.
– Stepping on the scale and being pleasantly surprised.

1 Friday
Moments when you feel like you’re getting the hang of something that is hard for you.