June 2020

by Tom Swift

30 Tuesday

  • Clean teeth.
  • Your dentist’s demeanor.
  • Nighttime.
  • Relaxing in bed.
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and then falling quickly back to sleep.
  • The sound and feel of a fan blowing all night long.
  • White butterflies.
  • When they treat your ash tree. And may she stand tall, and provide shelter, for many more years.

29 Monday

  • Summer storms you can sleep to.
  • DavidPal36 and the people who bring it to you.
  • Every moment of writing time.
  • Your stoic group. Such thoughtful people.
  • Leftover steak.
  • When your dog bravely pees in the rain.

28 Sunday

  • Sweat.
  • The wisdom of the body.
  • Frozen blueberries and over-ripe bananas.
  • Bridges over the Mississippi.
  • Cooling off on a summer day.
  • Fatigue.
  • Watching your dog eat.
  • Wading through muddled views on important matters.

27 Saturday

  • Morning coffee.
  • Morning clarity.
  • Morning quiet.
  • Morning walks.
  • Clean floors.
  • Being proactive.
  • Acceptance.
  • A good columnist.
  • Taking your time.

26 Friday

  • When happy people show up in your dreams.
  • Your dog running around like a happy fool.
  • Ants.
  • Clarity.
  • Room for improvement.
  • Hamburger night.
  • The end of the week. And you have gas in the tank.

25 Thursday

  • Running into a friend at the gym.
  • Not trying to do too much.
  • Not being able to do too little.
  • Finding the right person (for you) to do the job.
  • Reconnecting with self.
  • Summer nights.
  • Days made to sit outside.
  • A mid-week break.
  • Chocolate milk. Your way.
  • Think! bars. Brownie crunch, of course.

22 Monday

  • Looking out your window and thinking there is no place you would rather be.
  • When the day goes even better than expected.
  • Long walks that bookend your day.
  • Making the most of your night.
  • Frozen pizza.
  • The chance to teach.
  • The opportunity to choose your reaction to your reaction.
  • When you only have time for squats.

21 Sunday

  • A new recipe for pan-seared steak.
  • Being the first one in the gym door.
  • Being the first one in the grocery store door.
  • Short storms in the afternoon.
  • Watching the wind bend tree branches.
  • Acceptance.

20 Saturday

  • A mowed lawn.
  • Drives with your dog.
  • A new ice cream place.
  • Perfect morning air.
  • Your inspiration.
  • Hustle.
  • Highland Park.
  • The longest day of the year.
  • Mackinaw chocolate fudge.

19 Friday

  • Restrictions.
  • Honesty.
  • Good work.
  • Your words.
  • Your sensitivity.
  • How much you own.
  • Beginner’s Mind.
  • Homemade chicken sandwiches.
  • Friday. And off a little early.

18 Thursday

  • Grounding.
  • The late shift.

17 Wednesday

  • An unexpected compliment.
  • Unanticipated energy.
  • When you seek the answer for yourself.
  • Moving on. Moving forward.
  • All the crazy squirrels in your neighborhood right now.
  • Butcher Box.

16 Tuesday

  • Doing good fast.
  • Getting through a challenging day.
  • Warmth.
  • Driving with the windows down.
  • A new phone case.
  • Cutting out distractions that suck up time and usually leave you deflated.
  • Adding in distractions that refill the tank.
  • Your dog’s soft fur. Almost still puppy soft.
  • Every minute spent stretching is worth two.
  • Prepping for a workout.

15 Monday

  • The chance to teach.
  • Not giving a shit.
  • Using anger as a motivating force.
  • Writing time in the morning and evening.
  • Guacamole.
  • Active recovery.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Paying the bills.

14 Sunday

  • When you are forced to write.
  • When you have the gym almost entirely to yourself.
  • Your dog.

13 Saturday

  • Receiving meat in the mail. What a concept.
  • When you are forced to read.
  • When it’s cool enough for early evening walks.
  • A backyard that really doesn’t look that bad.
  • Being the third one through the door in the morning at the gym.
  • Getting fired up.
  • Speaking up.
  • Stretching out.

12 Friday

  • Making progress on the to-do list on a Friday night.
  • A friendly customer service representative you can talk to. Even on a Friday night.
  • Prep time.
  • Potato chips.

10 Wednesday

  • When your Internet speed goes from go from 2010 speeds to 2020 overnight.
  • The chance to teach. You learn so much.
  • When you move that desk back to its rightful place. What a beast to slay.

9 Tuesday

  • Falling behind schedule because the writing is going good.
  • Bosch, Season 1. You could watch him read police reports all day if he were in that house on that hill listening to that jazz he likes to play.
  • Pending rain storms.
  • Leaning into a challenge.
  • Making the call right away.
  • Not being held back by old self-imposed limitations.
  • Chicken thighs.
  • Frequent exercise.

8 Monday

  • A good night’s sleep. Cannot be rated highly enough.
  • The day after deadness. Honor it — don’t fight it — at least not too hard! — and so much aliveness springs forth.
  • Warm mornings.
  • Long walks before 6.
  • Sweat before 6:30.
  • Squirrels that play on telephone poles.
  • Flies that make your little buddy dash about.
  • Sun in your eyes.

7 Sunday

  • Angst.
  • Perfect weather mornings.
  • The sound of rain.
  • The sound of wind.
  • Strange sounds.
  • Your capacity for renewal, renaissance, restart.
  • Your dog.
  • Your current lack of hunger.
  • Your deadness. For from that is where you plant seeds necessary to be alive.

3 Wednesday

  • Warmth.
  • When your dog walks outside and plops down on the step to sunbathe.
  • A working air conditioner.
  • A break from food.
  • The bird on the side of the road who hopped along with you for a bit on your morning walk.
  • Paying your bills early.
  • Your maple tree.

2 Tuesday

  • Taking a break from safe.
  • Hearing a hero’s voice on your voice mail.
  • Moments of calm.
  • Short storms.
  • Letting go.
  • Easy dinner.