Let It Rain

by Tom Swift

Give me the smell of wet dog. And the sound of pitter-patter on my helmet. Let us walk, little buddy, until water squishes between my toes.

I checked my go-to weather app this morning and, as I thumbed across the hours, and saw the rain showers icon appear, hour after hour, uninterrupted, I said go-baby-go-baby-go.

Sundays are made for Miles anyway. The rain is an atmospheric bonus.

Let’s go for a long one, little buddy. We can pee on as many trees as you want.

I love when your snout looks like the working end of a dipstick. When we have the sidewalks to ourselves.

Look at that robin on the fence with her bright orange beak. Greetings m’am. Just smelling the greening grass. Good day, m’am.

Yes, give me this rain. Give it to me all day. Yeah.